Covid-19 Quarantine Lifted, Chinese Tourists Rush Abroad

Covid-19 Quarantine Lifted, Chinese Tourists Rush Abroad

On Tuesday (27/12/2022), people in China reacted joyfully and hurried to arrange a flight overseas. The change occurred after Beijing announced that the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine for international newcomers will be lifted.

The policy of the administration put an end to my nearly three-year solitude. China announced on Monday night (12/26/2022) that beginning January 8, visitors coming from outside will no longer need to undergo quarantine.

The approach represents a further relaxation of the rigorous Covid-19 regulations, which have harmed China’s economy and prompted widespread unrest.

As important foundations of containment policy have fallen, cases have increased nationwide. Authorities admitted that the outbreak was “impossible” to monitor and contain with a case count.

Beijing also tightened the Covid-19 mortality criterion last week, a move that experts predict will lower the number of deaths brought on by the virus.

The restrictions that have kept China mostly cut off from the outside world since March 2020, however, were lifted, to the joy of Chinese social media users.

“It’s over… spring is approaching,” read one of the Weibo platform’s most popular comments. Another user from the Twitter-like website remarked, “Getting ready for my international trip!” “I hope the price of the return ticket won’t climb again,” a third internet user commented.

According to official media, online searches for international flights increased as a result of the news. The number of searches on the Tongcheng travel portal increased by 850%, while the number of enquiries about visas increased by tenfold.

competing platform Group Within 30 minutes of the announcement, according to, the number of searches for well-known international locations increased 10-fold year over year.

Travels to Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea are particularly popular among users. Residents of Hong Kong are also scouring the Internet in droves to look for flights to important cities in mainland China. and Ctrip, two sub-brands of the Group, saw an increase in outgoing searches for flights from Hong Kong to the mainland China of over 521% on Monday night compared to the same period last week on December 19.

The top five locations are Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Nanjing. Search traffic increased by 1,039% for Shanghai’s financial district and by 718% for Beijing’s capital.

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