Cursing Female Employee During Virtual Meeting, CEO of AirAsia Thailand Apologizes

AirAsia CEO Apologizes After Maki Female Employee

Tassapon Bijleveld, CEO of AirAsia Thailand,showed a surprising response. Bak possessed, he scolded his female employees when meeting virtually. Judging from the video that circulated, the online meeting was also attended by the CEO of AirAsia Group, Tony Fernandes.

Tassapon, making and showing expressions of anger and echoes to its employees up to several times.

The first scolding was heard when an AirAsia employee from Thailand explained the background to his question. However, tassapon suddenly scolded and asked the core question.

“What a stupid question you are, quick!,” Tassapon said.

Just snap Tony Fernandes straight into the main screen. He looked astonished and smiled and chuckled. Not only that, 6 other people on the main screen also jerked and smiled because of Tassapon’s speech.

Second hard statement The CEO of AirAsia Thailand is also still in the same situation. The female employee she considers too rambling in explaining the background.

“What’s your question? fast! Don’t say much! Mostly by the way,” Tassapon said.

Again Tony was made to chuckle and show a more surprised attitude than ever.

The second insult from Tassapon is when the female employee presents the description using Thai.

Shut the now! quiet! I know what you’re asking right now. Tony answered the question,” Tassapon said.

Tassapon then asked the employee’s question again. However, the female employee no longer answered and was mediated by moderators who again diluted the atmosphere.

AirAsia Thailand CEO’s Apology And Tony Fernandes’ Response

A video of the virtual encounter went viral on social media. The sheer number of public highlights is now a concern for the airline.

“We heard about this issue and it was dealt with immediately. We apologize to anyone affected and promise not to repeat it,” airAsia’s official statement read.

The CEO of AirAsia Thailand is rumoured to have apologized internally. Even so, AirAsia airlines are still under attack from the internet. Negative public sentiment led AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes to intervene. The Malaysian man admitted to misoquicing his men.

It’s not the culture we want in AirAsia. What money he did was wrong and he’s already apologised,” Tony Fernandes said.

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