EDCCash, Kripto Bodong That Loses 57 Thousand Customers

EDCCash, Kripto Bodong That Loses 57 Thousand Members

Bareskrim Polri stated that the company EDCCash (E-Dinar Coin Cash) is suspected to have harmed 57 thousand customers through investment in crypto or so-called virtual currency. E-Dinar Coin Cash itself collects investment funds illegally from the public. in addition, the product is not registered with the OJK or the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board (Bappebti).

“The data we have, there are 57,000 members. The minimum amount (investment) is IDR 5 million. Estimated (loss) up to Rp 285 billion,” said Brigadier General Helmy Santika, Director of Special Economic Crimes in a press conference at the Police Headquarters, Jakarta on Thursday (4/22/2021).

Nevertheless, said Helmy, customer losses can still increase because not all of them deposit money of Rp 5 million. There were a number of other victims who deposited more than that amount.

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EDCCash Fraud Mode

For information, the company uses fraud mode by asking its members to pay Rp 5 million. The details are Rp 4 million to be converted into 200 coins, a cloud rental fee of Rp 300,000 and an upline fee of Rp 700,000.

Then the victims were promised a profit of 0.5% every day, and 15% every month. It can also be done even if they don’t work.

During the search, Helmy said, his team secured billions of rupiah in cash, 21 luxury cars, and a number of other luxury items.

“There is also a cash consisting of rupiah approximately Rp 3.3 billion, then this euro money totals 6.20 million euros. Furthermore, Hong Kong’s fraction is 1 billion. Zimbabwe’s currency is 1 trillion. It is suspected that Iran’s currency is 19,600, Egypt’s 100,” he added.

So far police have detained six suspects, including EDCCash CEO Abdulrahman Yusuf. The case itself began to unfold when a number of members complained because the investments he made were always losing money. OJK’s Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) has included the company on the list of illegal investments for trading cryptocurrencies without permission.

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In fact, the task force also suspects this bodong investment uses ponzi schemes to attract the interest of its members. Because, EDCCash promises benefits by recruiting new members into the community and mining E-Dinar Coin Cash, but must buy the coins first.

Found a Number of Weapons

Bareskrim Polri also ensnared the boss of the company EDCCash with the article of illegal firearms ownership.

“It is recognized that this firearm belongs to the suspect AY,” said Brigadier General Helmy Santika.

He revealed that the firearm was also found on a number of his bodyguards. That’s why they’re also set to be suspects.

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The firearm found by investigators from EDCCash CEO Carl Walther Waffenfabrik is black and magazine. Then from his bodyguard with the initials AH name was found an air rifle gun, a long machete with a holster, and a knife sungkur.

Then, helmy continued investigators also found a Makarov Air Gun Weapon, a Water Sofgun Type Glok. In addition there is also a machete, a knife, 4 buti bullets 99 mm, 3 boxes of iron gotri, and 2 bullets from the guard initials AR. There is also a knife secured from the suspect with the initials PN. Now, investigators are still investigating the origin of the firearm obtained by the suspects.

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