Queen Elizabeth II Funeral, Here are 5 Fun Facts to Know

Prosesi Pemakaman Ratu Elizabeth II

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was held by the United Kingdom today, Monday (9/19/2022) afternoon local time.

The procession depicts the ancient tradition of the British monarchy by carrying the queen’s coffin from Wstminster Abbey to the burial site.

5 Queen Elizabeth II Funeral Facts

1. Crate Transported by British Navy

British Navy servicemen will carry Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. The coffin was carried on a cannon cart and escorted by the troops.

A total of 142 personnel will accompany the coffin. They walk together and some act as brakes if needed.

It is known that this tradition originated from the funeral of Queen Victoria in February 1901. At that time, the horse used to pull the carriage started kicking in panic. The animal looks like it’s about to drop a coffin.

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One of Queen Victoria’s relatives, Prince Lois of Battenberg, then suggested to the new king of England, Edward VII, to replace horses with navy soldiers to avoid such incidents.

Nine years later when Edward VII died, the idea was implemented. Since then, this procession has become an unchanging tradition at every state funeral.

2. Bearskin Hat Crate Carrying Squad

The eight-man 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards will be the coffin bearers at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. This regiment is one of the infantry in charge of guarding the official royal residence or known as the Queen’s Guard.

The personnel used to wear Napoleonic Imperial Guard uniforms and bearskin hats.

3. Military Honors

Three regiments had a very important role in the funeral ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II. They are the British Army, Yeomen of the Guard, Honorable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, and Royal Company of Archers.

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Yeomen guards always wear red and gold Tudor-era uniforms from the 16th century. While the Royal Company of Archers is the queen’s bodyguard while in Scotland.

In addition, several datasemen from other regiments and armed forces from Commonwealth countries were also present. They will join the funeral procession from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner, not far from Buckingham Palace.

4. Queen Elizabeth II’s House Guard

The queen’s funeral procession will also be followed by servants at Elizabeth II’s home. Among them, the most senior officer and treasurer in the royal household. They will walk behind King Charles and members of the royal family.

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In front of them were ringers and drummers from Scottish-Irish regiments, as well as the Gurkha Brigade and 200 Royal Air Force musicians.

5. 6,000 Soldiers Deployed at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Procession

British Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Tony Radakin, said that around 6,000 military personnel from the Navy and Air Force participated in the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II.

They will do a royal salute at some point. For example, when passing the Victoria Memorial commemorating Queen Elizabeth II.

“For all of us, this is our last duty to Her Majesty the Queen and this is our first major duty to His Majesty King Charles,” Radakin said, quoted by AFP.

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