Harun Yahya, Preacher Sentenced to 1,075 Years in Prison

Harun Yahya, Speaker Sentenced to 1,075 Years in Prison

Adna Oktar or better known as Harun Yahya is a Turkish preacher who was famous in Indonesia in the 2000s. He is popular as a preacher who combines various issues of Science with Islam. Quoted from Daily Sabah, Monday (11/1/2021) he was sentenced to 1,075 years in prison by an Istanbul court for espionage to sexual harassment.

The 64-year-old man was arrested with his followers in 2018. Oktar had to languish in prison after being named as a suspect on various charges. Such as, military or political espionage , establishingand leading a criminal organization, to help a terrorist organization called gulenist terror group or FETO.

In addition, Harun Yahya was also convicted of sexually abusing underage girls, deprivation of educational rights, and recording personal data and threats. Prosecutors said he and the gang he led were involved in a recruitment scheme and involved brainwashing of young women since the late 1990s.

“The organization uses its handsome members to deceive girls. The member then raped or abused the girl and blackmailed her first. The member will pretend to have recorded a video of their intercourse. In addition, they also brainwashed on the grounds of religious teachings,” prosecutors explained in the indictment.

Getting to Know Adnan Oktar Aka Harun Yahya

He became known as the leader of a small religious organization at Istanbul University in the 1980s. Oktar sought to lure Istanbul’s influential and wealthy youth by painting the name Islam. His name has soared after frequently calling for anti-Jewish sentiment, anti-Communism, and various other conspiracy theories.

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At its peak in 1987 Harun Yahya published a book called Judaism and Freemasonry 550 pages thick. The book writes his argument that Jews and Freemasons have infiltrated Turkish state institutions. The book he wrote sold so well that it was printed almost 100,000 times.

But shortly afterwards, he was arrested on charges of campaigning for a theocratic revolution by the Turkish government. He spent 19 months behind bars, but spent 10 months in a mental hospital. The results showed that he had obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and schizophrenia.

Aaron Yahya Is Considered as Imam Mahdi

After his release, the group he led continued to grow, and he founded the Science Research Foundation in 1990. Not only served as a leader, many people closest to him believed that he was Imam Mahdi. In Islam Imam Mahdi is a savior who will lead the world before the coming of the Day of Judgment.

When Harun Yahya began to shift his focus to the international world in the 2000s, the issues he brought about changed. He explicitly declared himself anti-Jewish and declared himself anti-Darwinist. His lectures are broadcast regularly on his television and private channel, A9 TV. In 1007, Oktar published an 800-page book entitled The Atlas of Creation.

In his book he firmly rejected Darwin’s evolution, even sending it to the United Nations, the United States Congress,and universities in various countries.

Have Many Women

Reported from Daily Sabah, during the last defense at the trial on Monday (11/1/2021) yesterday, Harun Yahya rejected all charges against him. He denied allegations of sexual harassment by saying he had ‘almost 1,000 girlfriends’.

A woman with the initials C.C told the court that Oktar had repeatedly abused her and other women. he also said some of the women he raped were forced to take the contraceptive pill.

When asked about the police findings of 69,000 contraceptive pills at his home, Oktar said the pills were used for the treatment of menstrual disorders and skin diseases. He also denies charges of running a criminal organization on the pretext that he had many friends.

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