Hundreds of Bodies Found After Russia Loses in Kharkiv

Pasukan Rusia Kalah di Kharkiv

Having superior weapons and troops, why did Russia lose Kharkiv? Check out the reviews below.

Ukraine discovered a mass grave containing more than 440 bodies in Izium, Kharkiv Oblast. The city was recently recaptured by Ukrainian forces from the Russian military.

Serhiy Bolvinov, chief police investigator in the Kharkiv region, said that a forensic investigation will be conducted on each body.

“I can say it is one of the largest burial sites in a big city in the liberated (area). 440 bodies were buried in one place,” Bolvinov said on Thursday (15/92022).

“Some died from artillery fire … some died from airstrikes,” he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy also blamed Moscow for the mass graves. He likened the discovery to the massacre in Bucha, which is on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv, at the start of the Russian offensive in February 2022.

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Ukraine and its Western allies accuse Russian forces of committing war crimes in Bucha.

“Russia is leaving death everywhere and must take responsibility,” Zelenskiy said in a video statement.

However, Russia has repeatedly denied targeting civilians or committing war crimes.

Why did Russia lose in Kharkiv?

Thousands of Russian troops fled Izium at the end of last week due to retaliatory attacks from Ukraine carried out since early September. In fact, Russia lost to Ukraine in Kharkiv Province and expelled all Russian soldiers from the region.

Zelensky said his troops had seized 8,500 square kilometers of Kharkiv territory from the Russian military since early September. During a visit to Izium, Zelensky even promised that his troops and people would “win completely” after defeating Russia in Kharkiv.

Looking at weapons and troops, Russia is superior to Ukraine. So why did Russia lose in Kharkiv?

According to Ukrainian military expert Ivan Kyrychevsky, one of the reasons Russia lost to Ukraine in Kharkiv was because they were overconfident.

“Obviously, Russian generals are dependent on the Russian propaganda worldview imposed on them,” Kyrychevskyi said.

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He said Russia could not even detect when Ukraine would counterattack. He thinks the Russian troops are overconfident in their strength.

“Overconfidence in their own strength led some Russian generals to make mistakes. They underestimated Ukraine’s strength,” he said.

Another reason Russia lost Kharkiv was because Ukraine continued to receive weapons supplies from the West. Starting from missiles, drones, HIMARS rocket launchers, radars to aircraft.

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