It’s getting hotter! Addressing the UN, Joe Biden immediately attacks Putin

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US President Joe Biden slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, when he addressed the UN General Assembly. Biden insisted the Russian leader “shamelessly violated” the UN Charter when he invaded neighboring Ukraine.

“Russia is shamelessly violating core principles of the UN Charter,” Joe Biden said while speaking at the annual UN General Assembly in New York, as quoted by AFP, Thursday, September 22, 2022.

“Russian forces have attacked Ukrainian schools, train stations, and hospitals, as part of Moscow’s goal to shut down Ukrainians’ right to exist as a country,” Biden said.

While delivering a rebuke to the Kremlin, Joe Biden specifically reached out to his rivals on issues he considers globally important, including climate change and nuclear arms control.

“Nuclear war cannot be won, and should not be fought,” said Joe Biden.

“We see a disturbing trend. Russia makes irresponsible nuclear threats to use nuclear weapons. The United States stands ready to take critical arms control action,” he added.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden also discussed the Iranian nuclear program and the efforts of the agreement being discussed. He once again vowed that Washington would not allow Tehran to obtain nuclear weapons, while underscoring that “diplomacy is the best way to achieve this outcome.”

But Joe Biden’s language was relatively mild towards China, which has been the biggest geopolitical and economic rival for the United States.

“Let me be frank about the competition between the United States and China,” Joe Biden said.

“As we manage changing geopolitical trends, the United States will act as a reasonable leader. We are not looking for conflict, we are not looking for a Cold War,” he said.

He said that while “the United States will not be shy in promoting our vision of a free, open, secure and prosperous world”, it will not force countries to “choose”.

US President Joe Biden, extended his cooperative message in addressing the long-standing demand from developing countries around the world for inclusion in the UN Security Council, which currently has only five permanent members – the United Kingdom, China, France, Russia and the United States.

“The United States supports increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent representatives to the council,” Joe Biden said.

“This includes permanent seats for countries that we have long supported – permanent seats for countries in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean. The United States is committed to this important work,” he added.

Turning again to Iran, where rare protests have taken place over the death of a young woman arrested by the state morality police, Biden said Americans “stand with the brave women of Iran.”

“Today we stand with the brave citizens and brave women of Iran who are currently demonstrating to secure their basic rights,” she concluded.

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Vladimir Putin Threatens Joe Biden with Nuclear War

News of Ukrainian victories in a number of Russian-held areas was met with new ‘weapons’ by President Vladimir Putin’s government.

The regions will soon hold a referendum on joining the Kremlin.

Pro-Russian authorities in the east, Donetsk and Lugansk, and the south, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, will hold a five-day vote starting Friday this week.

“Pro-Moscow lawmakers have voted to hold the vote from September 23 to 27,” said separatist leader in the Lugansk region Denis Miroshnichenko, as quoted by AFP on Wednesday (21/9/2022).

“The incorporation of the Kherson region into the Russian Federation will secure our territory and restore historical justice,” said the Moscow-appointed head of the region, Vladimir Saldo.

Joe Biden

According to Russia’s own representative, former president and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, the referendum will correct historical mistakes. This includes strengthening Russian troops.

“Encroachment into Russian territory is a crime and if it is committed, it allows you to use all possible forces for self-defense,” the deputy chairman of Russia’s security council said.

It should be noted that these four regions are the front line of Ukraine’s counter-offensive. In which Kyiv forces managed to retake hundreds of towns and villages that had been controlled by Russia for months.

Meanwhile, Ukraine says the referendum is a sham. It even vowed to “eliminate” the threat posed by Russia, saying its forces would aggressively retake territory regardless of what Moscow or its proxies announced.

The United States (US), Germany and France denounced the effort. All three said the international community would never recognize the results.

“The US will never recognize Russia’s claims to annexed parts of Ukraine,” said White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called them “fake” votes and said they should be rejected by the international community.

French President Emmanuel Macron called it a “travesty”, saying Russian commanders reminded him of “the days of imperialism and colonies”.

Local political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya said the announcement of the vote was a direct result of the successful counter-offensive east of Ukraine.

Putin, he said, wanted to threaten the full use of the Russian military. Including nuclear weapons in defending Russian territory, especially newly annexed ones.

“Putin does not want to win this war on the battlefield. Putin wants to force Kyiv to surrender without a fight,” he said again.

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