Joe Biden Wins, It’s 5 U.S. Billionaires Behind Biden

joe biden becomes US president

The leaders and founding figures of tech companies in the United States (USA) rejoice, as Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos celebrates Biden’s victory with Kemala Harris as Vice President-elect. Bezos celebrated Biden’s victory on his Instagram account Sunday (8/11/2020).

As of July 2020, there are 70 billionaires and their families supporting Biden in the Presidential Election, with donations of $1,000 to millions of dollars. As for Trump, it is said to be supported by at least 27 US billionaires, Sunday (8/11/2020).

Here’s a list of the five richest people behind Biden:

At least five of the richest people in the US have given $US160.4 million or about Rp 2.2 trillion to Biden.

1. Steve & Connie Ballmer

The couple has a fortune of US$ 69.7 billion or about Rp 975 trillion more. Steve is a former CEO of Microsoft, which also owns the LA Clippers basketball club.

Donations to Biden were made through his wife, Connie Ballmer, for more than $100,000 or more. In addition, so far this year, Connie has donated US$510,000 to the Democratic Party’s campaign.

2. Jacqueline Mars

This woman has a wealth of US$ 28.9 billion or about Rp 404 trillion. He is the owner of a Mars company, a manufacturer of chocolates and sweets.

The recorded donation he made to Biden was only $1,000. But through his son, the family donated a lot to the Democratic Party and Joe Biden.

3. Jim & Marilyn Simons

The couple has a fortune of US$ 23.5 billion or about Rp 329 trillion. Jim is the founder of a US technology company called Renaissance Technologies.

On his record, the pair donated US$2,800 to purify Biden in the Presidential Election, then US$978,400 to the Biden Aciton Fund program, then US$100,000 to the Biden Victory Fund, then US$3 million to Unite the Country, and US$4 million to Priorities USA Action.

Since 2019, the couple has donated more than US$ 20 million to politics.

4. Leonard Lauder & Judith Glickman Lauder

The couple has a wealth of US$ 19.7 billion or about Rp 276 trillion. Leonard runs his family’s cosmetics business called Estee Lauder.

To support Biden for president in the Presidential Election, the couple donated just $2,800. But through their children, the couple donated a lot of money to the Democratic Party in the US during the campaign.

5. Laurene Powell Jobs

The ex-wife of Apple founder Steve Jobs has a fortune of US$ 18.6 billion or about Rp 260 trillion.

He donated US$2,800 to Biden in the Presidential Election, as well as US$710,600 to the Biden Victory Fund.

Since 2019, Laurene has contributed more than US$1.5 million to the Democratic Party.

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