LondonErs Protest Over Murder of 33-Year-Old Woman

LondonErs Protest Over Murder of 33-Year-Old Woman

Police in London, England clashed with mourners and protesters on Saturday (13/3). The clashes came after thousands of people gathered to protest the murder of 33-year-old woman Sarah Everard. The protest was echoed just hours after the police officer accused of kidnapping and murdering Sarah was brought to justice.

Reporting by Reuters on Sunday (14/03/2021) Sarah Everard has been reported missing since March 3, while walking after returning from her friend’s south London home. Sarah’s abduction and murder sparked disappointment over the failure of the police and the wider public to deal with it.

Saturday (13/3) morning, local time, an impromptu memorial with wreaths and candles sprung up around Clampham Common, near where Everard was last seen. In the evening, thousands of mostly female people gathered at the venue to pay their respects and process the perceived lack of security when out alone. A number of people shouted “shameless!” to police in attendance.

Protestant groups wanted to hold formal action, but London’s Metropolitan Police insisted the time should not be gathered because of the Corona pandemic. Cressida of the security forces, said any vigil would be unlawful and unsafe.

As tensions escalated, eyewitnesses from reuters witnessed police dragging a number of women away from the meeting on Clapham Common. Helen Ball, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said four people were detained for breaching public order and breaching the Health Protection Regulation.

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“We really don’t want to be in a position where law enforcement action is needed,” Ball said in a statement.

“But you are placed in this position because of the primary need to protect people’s safety.”

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of Londin responded to the officer, “sometimes inappropriate or proportionate” and added he was seeking an explanation from Dick.

Labour leader Keir Starmer said the scene was “deeply disturbing,” with Conservative Home Secretary Priti Patel saying she also wanted answers from police about the “infuriating” photo.

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Earlier on Saturday (13/3), Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he and his partner Carrie Symonds would remember Everard by lighting a candle.

“I will do everything I can to make sure the streets are safe and make sure women and girls don’t get abused,” she explained.

Known, a police member named Wayne Couzens (48) was arrested on Tuesday (9/3/2021) related to sarah’s disappearance. On Saturday (13/3) morning local time, he was presented at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, London.

Police found Everard’s body on Wednesday (3/10/2021) in a forest 50 miles (80 km) southeast of London. The court heard Sarah Everard’s body was found inside a building-making bin bag, and identified through dental records.

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