Myanmar’s Military Coup, Aung San Suu Kyi Detained At Amnesty International’s Urging

Myanmar's Military Coup, Aung San Suu Kyi Detained At Amnesty International's Urging

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s de facto leader along with several national league for democracy (NLD) party figures, was arrested on Monday. The arrests came after days of escalating tensions between the civilian government and the military.

The military also declared a state of emergency for the next year to maintain the stability of the country. In addition, a general was also appointed to serve as acting President of Myanmar. So what caused the military coup?

Starting From The Election In November 2020

Reported by CNN, Monday (1/2/2021), the beginning of tensions in Myanmar is during the elections in November 2020. It was the second democratic election since the country was removed from military rule in 2011. The military alleges fraud in the voting process, resulting in the NLD party gaining more votes than expected.

Earlier, a military spokesman said there was a possibility of a coup if the allegations were not properly investigated. On Monday (1/2/2021), they began to move to follow up on the claims and re-enforce their authority by arresting a number of party leaders.

Previously, Myanmar’s electoral commission has vehemently denied any voter manipulation. They say that double-name errors on voter lists are not enough to affect the outcome of the vote.

Myanmar Military Coup

The coup was carried out abruptly and shocked a number of observers, it also showed the military held power significantly. In 2008, the country’s ruling party drafted a constitution in which 25 percent of legislative seats are reserved for the military.

In addition, the military is also authorized to control major ministries, such as defense, internal affairs, to veto constitutional issues.

The Urging of Amnesty International

Human rights defenders organization Amnesty International urged myanmar’s military to open access to public communication immediately. After a coup d’etat to the government and detain party leaders and activists. Ming Yu Ah, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Campaign Director, said internet disconnections and telephone lines could threaten the safety of citizens, especially in the midst of the current pandemic.

“The number of reports of communication disconnections could threaten people’s lives in the midst of a crisis, considering that until now Myanmar is still facing a pandemic. Moreover, there are internal conflicts involving armed military, civilians in a number of areas are also threatened,” explained Yu Hah as published by Amnesty, Monday (1/2/2021).

According to Amnesty records, the communication network outages occurred in several areas, including myanmar’s capital, Yangon, major cities, to the states of Kachin, Sangiang, Shan, and Mandalay.

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2015:15:00 – 2015

The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an appeal to indonesian citizens who are now in the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked indonesian citizens to remain calm and vigilant through their official Twitter account. The appeal was issued after the situation in the country deteriorated.

In his statement, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Yangon has communicated with the knots of Indonesian citizens. So far, indonesian citizens there are reported to be safe and healthy, while the number of Indonesian citizens recorded is about 500 people.

Kbri Yangon also opened a hotline that can be accessed by indonesian citizens, including the number +95 9503 7055,as well as electronic mail [email protected] Indonesian citizens can also go to the address of the Embassy of Yangon located at 100 Pyidaungsu Yeiktha Road Dagon Township Yangon. In addition, there is also a protection hotline for Indonesian citizens in Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs +62812-9007-0027.

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