Russian Citizen Andrei Kovalenka, Interpol Fugitive Escapes From Ngurah Rai Immigration Office

Russian WN Andrei Kovalenka, Interpol Fugitive Escapes From Ngurah Rai Immigration Office

Russian Citizen named Andrew Ayer aka Andrei Kovalenka who became a fugitive from Interpol escaped during administrative proceedings. In response, The Immigration Office of Class 1 Special TPI Ngurah Rai, Bali formed a special team that will pursue the fugitive and his associates to a number of places.

“The efforts we made when we found out the person in question escaped. We then formed a team to pursue to all points of place,” explained Head of Immigration Office Class 1 Special TPI Ngurah Rai, Parlindungan via video press conference on Saturday (2/13/2021).

He said a number of points used as a chase area are the departure terminal at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport. In addition, it is also at the crossing port in Padangbai and Gilimanuk. It also coordinates with the Direskrimum Polda Bali, Denpasar Police, and the police and the kesyahbandaran office, including PT Angkasa Pura.

“Then we deployed a team by informing other field officers of about 68 people to comb the entire point,” he explained.

Parlindungan said Russian Citizen Interpol fugitive Andrei Kovalenka was escaped at about 13:20 Wita, Saturday (13/2/2021). At that time, he was about to undergo the process of photo administration and fingerprint recording. Before being transferred to The Immigrant Detention House (Rudenim) Denpasar from Immigration Office Class 1 Special TPI Ngurah Rai.

At that time, she was visited by a woman she recognized as a wife named Ekaterina Trubkina who was from Russia.

“During the administration process, his wife claimed to be buying food and would deliver it out of the office. Well, that opportunity was utilized by a foreigner named Andrei Kovalenka that slipped and then fled out of the office. Then to this day it has not been found,” he explained.

So that the incident does not happen again, Parlindungan admitted that it will tighten the standard operational procedure (SOP) when conducting administrative processes and will be carried out handcuffing. In addition, supervision will be tightened during the inspection and administration process, both when taking photos and fingerprinting.

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For people who see Andrei Kovalenka. With a height of about 195 cm and fair skin and blonde hair and on the chin there is little hair to immediately report to the number 082165055256.

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