Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 Update : 45 Victims’ Body Parts Found

Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 Update : 45 Victims' Body Parts Found

The discovery of the victims of the collapse of Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 aircraft has increased again. It’s until 19.00. 30 Wib, Basarnas again received 5 body bags from the search attempted by the SAR team.

Lastly, I reported 18 body bags containing human remains or parts of the victim’s body. Today we have 27 bags of body parts so that today’s total obtained amounts to 45 body bags,” said Head of Basarnas, Marshal Bagus Puruhito madya at JICT, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Monday ( 11 / 1).

Make pieces or debris sriwijaya air plane, he said until tonight increased to 22 bags.

“After that part of the plane small pieces increased from 5 to 15 bags. We got a bonus of 5 so it’s 22 bags,” he said.

He improved, the search for debris and bodies of Sriwijaya Air victims by a team of divers from the combined squad of the Indonesian National Army (TNI), Polri, and Basarnas took place easily and comfortably today.

” The weather is also quite supportive. SAR surgery is focused on the evacuation of victims and certainly simultaneously accompanied by the search for other materials, such as black boxes and others,” he concluded

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