Capture Afghan Presidential Palace, Taliban Seek Full Power

Taliban seize Afghan presidential palace

Taliban insurgents are reported to have occupied the Afghan Presidential Palace on Sunday (08/15/2021). The militia group also occupied the capital Kabul and demanded the transfer of full power from the government.

As quoted by Reuters, Sunday (15/8), two top taliban officials who did not want to be identified said they rejected the existence of a transitional government after the capital Kabul they controlled. The group deployed all militants to Kabul under the pretext of preventing looting. Because they think the Afghan police chose to leave the headquarters and guard post.

A number of foreign countries are now pursuing time to immediately repatriate diplomatic staff and their envoys from the country through Kabul Airport. The plane’s departure also took turns with Afghans who wanted to evacuate by air.

Taliban declares war over

After successfully occupying the presidential palace, the Taliban declared the war in Afghanistan was over.

“Today is a great day for the Afghan people and the mujahideen. They see the fruits of their efforts and sacrifices over 20 years,” Talinban Political Office spokesman Mohammad Naeem told Al Jazeera.

Malala Maiwand, Afghan journalist shot dead

“Thank you, God. The war in this country is over,” he continued.

Naeem also said that the militia group would form a new government once they came to power. He said the Taliban wanted to have international relations and not live in isolation.

The Taliban’s political bureau and afghan government envoys are currently negotiating the transfer of power in Qatar. According to diplomats, Ali Ahmad Jalali will lead Afghanistan’s interim government. Ali is a former Afghan Interior Minister and U.S. citizen.

But so far there has been no agreement from the mission group on the matter. The militants also reportedly surrounded all access to and from Kabul. They were ordered to be on standby until an agreement with the Afghan government was reached.

Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan, reportedly fled to Tajikistan. The insurgent group controlled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, and was later defeated by a U.S. invasion.

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