Russia and Ukraine war escalates, Putin threatens to use nukes

Perang Rusia dan Ukraina

The war between Russia and Ukraine is about to escalate. Because, on Wednesday (21/9/2022), Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Ukraine.

He made the announcement directly through television media. This was after a counterattack from Ukraine that is believed to have left many Russian soldiers dead.

Putin also warned the West that this was not just a bluff. He emphasized that Russia will do whatever it takes to protect its territory.

Putin even emphasized the nuclear threat. According to him, Russia has a variety of destructive weapons to protect its country.

“I want to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction to protect Russia and its people, we will definitely use all the means at our disposal,” Putin said, quoted Thursday (9/22/2022).

With this, Putin said he had signed a special decree. Partial mobilization means that Russian citizens are subject to military service. Putin also supported the annexation of Ukraine’s Eastern and Southern regions through referendums. Previously, the vote will be conducted by pro-Russia this week.

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Russia sends 300,000 new soldiers

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said his country would send 300,000 troops to Ukraine. This is also to refute the view that Moscow has a shortage of troops as many have died in the Russian and Ukrainian wars.

Shoigu said Russia is capable of massive mobilization. It can even call on nearly 25 million people with military experience to help strengthen the country in times of war.

“So it can be said that this partial mobilization is only 1%, or slightly more than the total number of people who can be mobilized,” he said, quoting from

Russia and Ukraine war: Nuclear weapons pose serious threat

Meanwhile, the United States responded to Putin’s nuclear threat. Putin was called “irresponsible” and the use of nuclear weapons poses a very serious threat.

“It is irresponsible rhetoric for a nuclear power to talk like that. But it is unusual for how he has spoken over the last seven months and we take it very seriously,” White House spokesman John Kirby told ABC.

“There will be severe consequences. Not only will he become more of a pariah on the world stage, but there will also have to be severe consequences that the international community will experience,” he added.

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International political analyst Tatiana Stanovaya said via Telegram that Putin’s announcement was code for nuclear war. Not just in the Russia-Ukraine war, but also in the West.

“This is an absolutely unequivocal ultimatum from Russia to Ukraine and the West: either Ukraine retreats or its nuclear war,” he said.

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