Ronaldo’s Behavior Makes Coca-Cola Stocks Plummet

Ronaldo's Behavior Makes Coca-Cola Stocks Plummet

Soccer megastar Cristiano Ronaldo caused a Twitter social media uproar with video footage during a press conference ahead of the Portugal vs Hungary match at Euro 2020 (Euro 2021). Portugal and Hungary competed on Tuesday (15/6/2021) night at Puskas Stadium.

Before the match, Ronaldo caused a stir on Twitter with his video going viral while attending a press conference. As the session with the media crew began, Ronaldo first ‘threw away’ two bottles of Coca-cola that had previously been on the table.

The owner of the nickname CR7 removed one of the products that became the sponsor of Euro 2020 from the camera spotlight. Not only did he get rid of Coca-cola, but he also delivered an important message to supporters and the media.

“Drink water, not Coke (Coca-cola),” Ronaldo said as quoted from Doentes por Futebol while lifting a bottle of mineral water.

Meanwhile, one spanish media outlet, Marca, referred to Ronaldo’s behavior during the press conference as a negative attitude. The media also questioned whether cr7’s stance would invite UEFA’s reaction, given coca-cola is the sponsor of Euro 2020.

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Coca-cola Loses Up to Trillions of Rupiah

Who would have thought that the attitude of top footballers turned out to have a significant impact on the fizzy drinks company. It is known that Coca-cola lost millions of U.S. dollars because of the cr7.

When the European stock market opened at around 3 p.m. local time, Coca-cola shares were around $56.10. However, 30 minutes later, just after Ronaldo and coach Fernando Santos entered the press conference room at Sradion Puskas, the company’s shares plunged to a record low of US$55.22 per share.

This means that the company’s shares fell 1.6%, in addition to market capitalisation (market capitalization value) also increased from US$242 billion to US$238 billion. Marca said that coca-cola’s total losses caused by Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior are up to US$4 billion or around Rp 57.043 trillion.

Ronaldo himself is known as an athlete who applies packaged sugar, fat, and foods that are fried strictly. That’s one of the reasons why he stays away from fizzy or carbonated drinks.

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