Basic Bullet Repel techniques

Basic Bullet Repel techniques

One of the athletic branches is precisely the throwing branch that is not uncommon in the race. It’s not as popular as sports, but there aren’t a few athletes growing up in the sport. The sport is more about the power of re-equaling other things that make it easier to do bullets.

The basic technique of rejecting bullets is the rule of our study this time, the basic process of rejecting bullets just in case we only understand near the form of theory, but it is difficult to practice. But it can be easy to practice if you have already delved into the theory of basic tactics before.

Some Basic Bullet Repelment Techniques

Bullet-Wielding Techniques

Basic Bullet Repel techniques
  • The fingers are stretched while the little finger is slightly bent constantly next to the bullet, as well as the thumb on a balanced stance. This is the style of holding a bullet against a man with a long strong finger.
  • The fingers are a bit tight, the thumb on the side, the little finger is on the back side of the bullet. This style is naturally required by half the champions.
  • Like the above technique, it’s just that the attitude of the fingers is more stretched in the middle, anyway the location of the little finger is behind the bullet. This latter style is suitable for people with short hands and small fingers and is not suitable for children under the age of 9.

Technique of Putting Bullets Against the Shoulder

Basic Bullet Repel techniques
  • Adjusting the position of the foot, the right foot is placed in front of the back boundary of the circle, although the left foot is placed on the left side as wide as the inline body along with the direction of the throw.
  • The bullet is held with the right hand along with the matching handle.
  • The hand holding the bullet set up the location of the bullet. Bullets are placed for the neck line with the shoulders, under the ears. when accessing the continuously stretched arms inline alongside the shoulders.
  • The left arm on the face of the chest is slightly bent.
  • The saggy left leg is still treading for the tip of the foot.

Repulsion Technique

Basic Bullet Repel techniques
  • The original attitude, standing sideways with the repulsion part is in the left field of his body, the right leg knee is bent, but the left leg is straightened backwards.
  • The weight is on the right leg with a foressed look forward.
  • The right hand holds a bullet placed over the right shoulder attached to the jaw, instead the left hand is raised bent in front of the left face to maintain body equality.
  • When it will refuse, the left leg is raised next to the left as many as 2-3 times the next round of the left leg is on the right foot.
  • The left leg is shifted to the left side while the right foot and shifted following the direction of the left foot shifts.
  • When the two legs shift to the left, the bullet is thrown along with the method of pushing the right hand holding the bullet towards the top front, the path of the bullet scoring the parabola followed by an eye-watering view of the bullet’s path.

The final attitude, the weight on the right leg is attempted not to go outside the origin of the circle. The body is in a state of inclined forward. Let’s not fall outside the arena so that the right leg is moved forward. Along with the right leg landed the left leg pulled backwards, so repeated the left arm against breeding equality.

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