Orthodox-Style Bullet-Rejecting Technique


Reject Bullet is our study system this time, the basic tips of rejecting bullets may be easy if only we understand in the form of theory, but difficult to practice. But it is able to more easily practice if we have understood the theory of basic strategy of rejecting bullets before.

The reject includes also the throwing number because the number of the reject is thrown by the technique of being rejected or pushed by hand with the intention of producing a long repulsion distance.

Some Ways Or Techniques Of Rejecting Orthodox Style Bullets (Sideways) Namely:

  • The initial stance, standing sideways with the repulsion part is on the left side of the athlete’s body, then the right leg knee is bent, and the position of the left leg is straightened backwards.
  • The weight position is to the right leg along with the eye view leading forward.
  • The position of the right hand holds the bullet placed over the athlete’s right shoulder by sticking it near the jaw, the position of the left hand is raised and bent in front of the left face to overshadow the balance of the athlete’s body.
  • When the left leg is raised, it is rotated to the left a number of 2 to 3 times the next round of the left leg is on the right foot.
  • The left leg position is shifted to the left side while the right foot moves following the direction of the left foot shifts.
  • When both athlete’s legs shift to the left, then the bullet is thrown by the technique of pushing the right hand holding the bullet towards the top front, the course of the bullet forges the parabola followed by an eye-watering view of the bullet’s path.
  • The final position of repulsion is that the weight on the right leg is attempted not to go outside the source of the circle.

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The purpose of the bullet is to be able to throw bullets as far away as possible. There are many different styles near the reject, such as sideways style and degrading style. this article deals with the basic way sideways style bullets that can be used during training

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