Horrifying, Here Are 3 Subscription Circuits Where Drivers Experience Crashes During MotoGP 2020

CrashEs During MotoGP 2020

On November 22, 2020, the 2020 MotoGP season was completed with a total of 14 races. Every time a race, a driver crashes during MotoGP. Certainly in a Single MotoGP season, such cases are certainly very common.

Every year, MotoGP releases data on cases of drivers crashing during competitions. This year, the number of such cases decreased quite far compared to MotoGP 2019. In MotoGP 2019, there were 971 cases of driver crashes, while this year there were 722 cases.

The case of the driver’s crash is certainly on different race circuits. There are many circuits used during MotoGP 2020. However, there are several circuits that recorded the most cases of drivers crashing in the 2020 season. Which circuits are referred to? Here’s the review

1. Le Mans Circuit, France

Le Mans Circuit, France
MotoGP 2020 – Le Mans Circuit, France

The circuit of Le Mans, originally named Circuit de la Sarthe, is a circuit located near Le Mans, France. It is one of the longest circuits in the world with a total length of approximately 13,629 km. Arguably the Le Mans Circuit is a legendary circuit. That’s because every year there is always a 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race.

In MotoGP 2020, The Le Mans Circuit was the only circuit with the most cases of drivers crashing compared to other circuits. A total of 100 drivers on average occurred at turn 3. At the corner, there were 20 drivers who crashed there.

Le Mans Circuit, France
Photo Valentino Rossi who crashed at the Le Mans circuit on Sunday (10/11/2020)

The number of crashes during MotoGP is due to the winter season, making it difficult for drivers to build the ideal temperature on the tyres in order to get a good grip. Actually, the event held at Le Mans was scheduled for the summer, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the schedule was postponed.

2. Circuit of Catalunya, Barcelona

Circuit of Catalunya, Barcelona
MotoGP 2020 – Circuit of Catalunya, Barcelona

Circuit of Catalunya or Circuit de Barcelona is one of the circuits located in Montmelo, Barcelona, Spain. Circuit de Barcelona has been used for Formula One, GP2, SpanishGP and MotoGP 2020 races. The Circuit of Catalunya has a length of about 4,627 km with a total of 13 bends.

In addition to the Le Manscircuit, the Circuit of Catalunya became the second circuit recorded to have many drivers crashed or crashed during MotoGP. In MotoGP 2006, Marco Melandri, Sete Gibernau, Loris Capirossi, Randi de Puniet and Daniel Pedrosa were recorded as having crashed at the first corner. Meanwhile, in MotoGP 2020, the total number of drivers dropped by 64 cases.

3. Valencia Circuit

Valencia Circuit
MotoGP 2020 – Valencia Circuit

Circuit Valencia, also known as circuit Ricardo Tormo, is located on the outskirts of Valencia, Spain. Valencia is one of the circuits that has a unique design such as the shape of the stadium so that spectators can watch the action of the racers in various corners of the circuit.

The Valencia Circuit has a 4 km track. The track on this circuit is narrow and characteristically slow with 14 bends consisting of eight left handers, five right handers, and a straight track of 650 m.

In MotoGP 2020, there were 61 cases of drivers crashing. The cause is the same as what happened at the Le Mans circuit where due to schedule changes, the race was held in the winter so that the drivers had difficulty controlling the temperature of the tyres used for the race.

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So that’s the 3 circuits that most cases of natural drivers crash during MotoGP 2020. The highest number of cases is at the Le Mans circuit in France. For the driver with the most number of crashes during the competition during MotoGP 2020 experienced by Johann Zarco with a total of 15 times dropped during the season.

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