Cornella vs Barcelona, Barca 120 Minutes

Cornella vs Barcelona, Barca 120 Minutes

Barcelona made it to the last 16 of the Copa del Rey after struggling to beat Spanish Third Division side Cornella. The Cornella vs Barcelona match ended in a 0-2 draw in which the hosts had to concede defeat in the 120-minute match.

The match, which was held at the Camp Municipal de Cornella Stadium, on Friday (1/22/2021) was only scored in the 92nd minute. Ousmane Dembele broke the deadlock in the first extra time. The other goal came in the 120+1 minute thanks to Martin Braithwaite’s strike.

Barca had two golden chances in the 90th minute through penalty kicks. But the kick failed to be executed into goals by Miralem Pjanic and Ousmane Dembele. Miralem Pjanic scored the first penalty in the 40th minute, while ousmane Dembele scored in the 80th minute. Unfortunately, both penalty kicks were read and anticipated by Cornella goalkeeper Ramon Juan Ramirez.

Cornella vs Barcelona First Round Match

From the first half until the end of the match Barcelona dominated the game with more than 70 per cent possession of the ball. It’s just that they’re having a hard time penetrating Cornella’s defense. In the first 45 minutes Barca did not make many shots on goal. The first chance came in the 26th minute, but Francisco Trincao’s shot was deflected away from goal.

Ronald Koeman’s side took the lead in the 38th minute with a penalty. However, the kick in front of the goal failed to yield a goal after being ruled out by the home goalkeeper.

Cornella, meanwhile, was also threatening thanks to Pjanic, who almost scored an own goal. At that moment, Pjanic was about to block the ball with his head, but his header instead went into his own net. The first half ended in a 0-0 draw.

Cornella vs Barcelona Second Leg

In the second half, possession of the ball was still held by Barcelona. However, again they still have difficulty breaking through the opponent’s defense. In the 47th minute, Martin Braithwaite opened the scoring, but the effort still failed.

After that opportunity Barca did not do much of a try, and the game looked monotonous with only possession of the ball. Barca’s second penalty came in the 78th minute, this time it was Ousmane Dembele who got the chance to kick the ball from a white spot.

Dembele’s right-footed shot went to right centre and was blocked by Ramon Juan Ramirez’s legs. Cornella’s players also managed to throw the ball away after the penalty. The second half ended 0-0.

The Cornella vs Barcelona match was forced to continue into extra-time. In the first half of extra time, Blaugrana opened the scoring through Ousmane Dembela thanks to Pedri’s assist. Dembele’s leg-kick from the edge of the box was blocked by goalkeeper Cornella. The score changed to 1-0 led by the visiting team.

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Despite the superior possession, Barca continued to dominate the ball and threatened the home team. It looks like Dembele still wants to score, in the 98th minute he made a try by curling into the box and facing the goalkeeper. Unfortunately his movement was stopped first by Cornella player Pol Moreno.

In the 15th minute of extra time, Barcelona still dominated the game. Moreover, Barca also excelled in the number of players, after Albert Manel Estellez Fernandez was sent off in the 118th minute. However, there are still not many opportunities created.

The opportunity came in the 102nd minute from Konrad thanks to Grizmann’s ingenuity but it did not yield a goal. At the end of the match, Martin Braithwaite closed out the Cornella vs Barcelona match with a score of 2–0.

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