CR7 is back, Neville: Not necessarily United champions

CR7 returns to Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Manchester United. Even so, Gary Naville is still not sure Manchester will win the Premier League despite Ronaldo. CR7 returned home after travelling with Real Madrid and Juventus.

The Red Devils reportedly have to reach into pockets of up to 25 million Euros or around Rp 423 billion, plus bonuses to Juventus to repatriate Ronaldo. Quoted from Sky Sports, former United player once a football pundit, Garry Neville welcomed the return of Ronaldo. For him Cristiano Ronaldo is like a missing piece to be the source of the goal.

“Ronaldo will come to win trophies, personal achievements, heat up the Premier League. It’s a different Ronaldo, everyone expected him,” he told Sky Sports.

“But he’s a number nine, someone who still has a blast at short distances, he makes good jabs in the box. Have an anticipation of where the ball will fall, and he gives United something that is needed.”

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CR7 has a good record over the last three seasons with Juventus. He was able to collect 81 goals from 98 matches in the Italian League. Even before his time with Real Madrid, his record was 450 goals in 438 games, making him the club’s top scorer.

No doubt, Ronaldo will be a new goal barn for Manchester United. During this time, Manchester did lose an aggressive figure in the penalty box.

However, Gary Neville next had a feeling of misgivings. He commented differently, if the arrival of Ronaldo still could not guarantee a Premier League victory for the Red Devils. He explained that the Premier League competition is very tight every season. This 2021/2022 season, other clubs also have even strength on every front and have a fearsome bomber.

“The standard of the Premier League continues to rise every year. The competition for you is very tight,” he stressed.

“At the moment, it’s difficult to win with big points.”

Neville said, the presence of CR7 will indeed make mu game more dangerous. But that does not mean, the Red Devils can easily win the Premier League trophy.

“Of course, the arrival of Ronaldo will further strengthen United as a winning candidate. But can they win? I don’t think it’s time yet,” Neville said.

“Ronaldo and Varane have a strong winning mentality. I emphasize, I am pragmatic and do not believe united can win because the rival is heavy. Like Manchester City and Chelsea.”

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