Cristiano Ronaldo Is 36 Years Old, It’s An Interesting Fact About Him

Cristiano Ronaldo Is 36 Years Old, It's An Interesting Fact About Him

Friday (2/5/2021), Cristiano Ronaldo’s 36th birthday, the Juventus bomber seems to really prove that age is just a number. The Portuguese megastar is still Juventus’ mainstay. Ronaldo has scored 15 goals in 39 goals recorded by Juventus in Serie A 2020-2021.

In fact, he is at the top of the provisional top scorers list in the Italian League’s highest competition. Ronaldo has excelled against other stars, such as Romelu Lukaku (14 goals), Ciro Immobile (13 goals) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (12 goals). Here are some facts about this one football star.

Don’t Have Tattoos

The reason Ronaldo doesn’t have a tattoo is because he regularly donates his blood. Reported from the official NHS Give Blood page, tattooed people can still donate blood. However, after getting the tattoo they had to wait for 4 months before donating his blood.

With Ronaldo’s activities routinely being a donor, it is understandable why he does not want to get tattoos on his body.

“I don’t have a tattoo because I’m a regular blood donor,” Ronaldo was quoted as saying by Yahoo Sports in June 2014.

Museum Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo owns a museum in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. The museum contains various replicas of the awards that Ronaldo won both at the club and when he joined the Portuguese national team.

Ever Had Heart Surgery

As a teenager Ronaldo had heart surgery, due to his heart condition at the age of 15 which was different from most others. Ronaldo’s heart beats faster even if he is not running.

This made the mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, worried that her son could not return to play football. Maria eventually decided to perform an operating procedure on Cristiano Ronaldo’s heart.

Real Madrid’s Top Scorer

After joining Manchester United, Ronaldo played for Real Madrid in July 2009. He played for Real Madrid for eight years until July 2019, before deciding to move to Juventus.

During his time at the Santiago Bernabeu, Ronaldo became the top scorer in Real Madrid’s history. Ronaldo scored 415 goals in 438 games with the team nicknamed Los Blancos.

Cristiano Ronaldo the Superior Champions League

Ronaldo has a record of 134 goals while playing at three different clubs, namely Manchester United with 15 goals, Real Madrid 105 goals, and Juventus with 14 goals. That goalscoring record makes him the top scorer in the Champions League.

In fact, he is still aiming for his first Champions League title with Juventus. Previously, Cristiano Ronaldo had collected 4 Champions League trophies with Real Madrid and one time with Manchester United.

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