Europe’s Top Leagues That Eliminated The Spread

Top European Leagues

“Football is coming home!” That’s how football lovers, including indonesians, quoted a Baddiel song, Skinner & Lightning Seeds, when entering August. It was bland to life for football lovers afterthe European league competition ended last May. Without intending to glorify football competitions in Europe, but that’s how it is, they deserve it.

When European leagues take post-competition holidays, football lovers are usually treated to domestic football competitions. Unfortunately, not for this year. Kisruh Kemenpora and the highest football parent in Indonesia, PSSI, is the reason. Bland. No sweet, familiar, no sour. Especially for tuna. Oops. Weekends that usually ‘watch football’ he makes excuses as a substitute for emptiness, the middle of this year running out of excuses. The Copa America was rolling at the time, but the Latin American country’s competition matches aired in the morning in Indonesia. If the Indonesian League continues to roll, it may be a different story. Romance tuna have more reasons.

The spread of football lovers in the middle of this year may be a little treated by following the news of the transfer saga of their respective beloved clubs, occasionally getting together with the club’s fan community, or Scroll your own gadgets for stalking an ex-girlfriend or former club player, as did Chelsea fans on Petr Cech’s social media accounts. When hurt, they do not hesitate to unfollow, but then it is not impossible for them to follow back.

Approaching August, the spread is further lost by returning to play the beloved club, although with the title of a friendly match. Although if lucky, the match is aired on local tv, otherwise, yes, what power should be found quota. Another thing that is missed is mocking the fans of other teams who suffered defeats. Like Real Madrid fans when Barcelona lost to the Italian mid-table team, Fiorentina, or Manchester United fans to Manchester City fans when crushed by Real Madrid with a score of 4-1. The aromas of spices called rivalry are again smelled strongly.

Now, all clubs are starting to prepare to set the targets that have been carried out before, not least the English Premier League which has started the competition at the beginning of the month. The time to add a squad with new players is still open until September 2.

Like cooking fried rice, a pan that has been filled with rice and spices if tasted still tastes bland. Clearly bland, wong has not been given salt, sugar and other additional spices, depending on their taste. However, as europe’s top leagues began, salt, sugar and additional spices also began pouring into the pan. With magical hands and skill, each manager began stirring up his cooking and soon poured it on a plate. On the other hand, they do not forget to add thin pieces of cucumber and tomatoes or other food decorators when plating.

It all depends on the manager’s expertise in managing and maintaining harmonization of all differences with the aim of cooking delicious fried rice. Free dishes are only beautiful when viewed, but even not tasty when tasted. The jury will surely say no to the cuisine to be a champion. Not to mention chef Juna. They definitely want a cuisine with attractive plating, without forgetting the taste and delicacy of the cuisine. Look at Manchester United last year.

In the end, the bland taste will disappear when we eat spiced dishes. But it all depends, whether his favorite club will become champions, or even we will receive bitterness like a favorite club when we know that the manager turned out to have mistakenly put slices of bitter melon into his fried rice.

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