Lionel Messi celebrates scoring a hat-trick against Barcelona

Lionel Messi

Barcelona’s squad boasted of winning the Spanish League title while partying at Lionel Messi’s residence on Monday (3/5/2021) local time. After a 3–2 win over Valencia in the 34th week of La Liga,Sunday (2/5/2021), all Barcelona players ate together at Messi’s house.

Not only his team-mates, La Pulga also entertains the club’s staff with typical Argentine barbeque dishes. The dish was also served during a meal together held at the blaugrana training center in Ciutat Espotiva Joan Gamper.

The party at Lionel Messi’s house was held 4 days before the match against Atletico Madrid at Camp Nou, Sabti (8/5/2021). It will also be a decider for Barcelona and Atletico this season.

Quoting from Mundo Deportivo, in the party, the Barcelona players also sang yel-yel ‘championes, championes’. The yel-yel is usually sung during the champion’s party.

In the report also mentioned, the banquet was the first time from Messi to the club staff since joining Barcelona. The party is considered an important event which is a sign of Lionel Messi’s commitment to his team to win La Liga after winning the Copa del Rey this season.

The last meeting of the Blaugrana squad outside the green was at one of barcelona’s restaurants in January 2020. The incident occurred after Quique Satien officially became the coach of the Catalan club.
Barcelona are currently two points behind Atletico Madrid with 34 games to play. Looking at the rest of the game, the two La Liga champions have a balanced chance.

On the contrary, a tougher chance is owned by Real Madrid because it will still face some of the top teams. Like Villarreal and Sevilla in the last four games.

Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona is due to expire in June. But until now it has not been extended. It was also the rumour that La Pulga would leave the Camp Nou at the end of the upcoming season.

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