Euro 2020 draw, Portugal vs France 2-2

Euro 2020: Portugal vs France 2-2

The match between Portugal vs France ended in a 2-2 draw in a matchday 3 Group F Euro 2020 on Thursday (6/24/2021) in the early hours of the morning. two goals were scored by Portugal through Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty kicks in the 30th and 60th minutes of the match. France outscored Portulas with Karim Benzema’s goals in the 45th and 47th minutes.

Finally the match closed with a 2-2 draw. Pransis eventually became the group champion and qualified for the round of 16, in addition Portugal also qualified as the best 3rd ranked team. Here’s a review of the match.

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First Half Matches

The match begins with a medium-tempo game, in which both teams are seen measuring each other’s strengths. Both teams seemed very cautious in their play, although occasionally they also attacked.

It was only in the 27th minute that Portugal were awarded a penalty after Danilo fell in the box. In fact the referee’s decision was a little controversial, but the penalty award was still awarded. Ronaldo was chosen as the executioner and kicked the ball hard to the left side. goal! Portugal won 1-0 against France.

The goal was also a momentum for Portugal to attack the opponent, entering 15 minutes before the end of the first half, France looking very depressed.

In the 45th minute, it was france’s turn to get a penalty after Semedo deliberately knocked Mbappe down. The penalty was awarded to Benzema, and the position changed to 1–1.

Portugal vs France Second Half

France attacked immediately and created a surprise with his quick goal in the 47th minute. A through ball from Pogba was perfectly received by Benzema and completed with a flat kick to the bottom left. Now it’s Portugal’s turn to trail 1-2.

After the goal, the tempo of the game immediately increased, the trade of attacks was inevitable. Both teams also look to be playing well.

In the 58th minute, Portugal received their second penalty, this time due to Kounde’s handball. Ronaldo is back as a kicker, this time he is aiming a shot in the same direction. goal! Portugal vs France 2-2 scoreline.

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The draw again changed the tempo of the match, the two teams still reciprocating each other’s attacks. The tempo of the game decreased 10 minutes before the game ended. Portugal looked to be eyeing a draw by playing the ball on its own turf. Until the long whistle was blown by the referee, there were no additional goals and the 2–2 score became the closing of a fierce portugal vs France duel in this match.

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