Unexpected Results and Dramatic Outcomes: What Were the Quarter-Finals of the UEFA Champions League like

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The quarter-final is a special stage in the Champions League. At this stage, only the best teams remain in the tournament, because at the 1/8 final stage, those who unexpectedly left the group are eliminated. At the same time, there are still a lot of teams to present the fans with some bright matches with a variety of styles. We recall the results of all quarter-final matches of the Champions League 2021/22 for those who missed them.

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Chelsea – Real Madrid (3:4)

This was expected to become the hottest match of the quarterfinals, if not the entire season. The current titleholder met with the record holder for the number of victories in the main European Cup. The meeting had several intrigues at once, the main of which was how Chelsea would react to the financial problems that they faced after the imposition of sanctions.

The first match showed how difficult things are now for the blues. No matter how hard Tuchel’s wards tried, they could not oppose anything to the best football player in the world right now – Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick, 3:1.

Before the second game, Thomas Tuchel stated that the outcome of the match was a foregone conclusion, but, as it turned out, the German was cunning. The Londoners were leading 3-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu by the 75th minute until Luka Modric sent a brilliant pass to Rodrigo and sent the game into overtime. The extra-time outcome was decided by, who would you think, Benzema.

Benfica – Liverpool (4:6)

The contest between Benfica and Liverpool was perhaps the most predictable of all. The Eagles had already jumped above their heads, making it from the qualifying round to the quarterfinals. Back in Lisbon, the Klopp gang defeated the Portuguese with a score of 3:1. Reds winter rookie Luis Diaz scored a goal + pass in that match.

In the second leg, the German coach decided to give a rest to most of his stars – Salah, Robertson, Manet, van Dijk, and Alexander-Arnold. The teams, realizing who was going to reach the semi-finals, decided to show off in the second game and give the fans a spectacular draw with six goals scored.

Villarreal – Bayern (2:1)

The battle between Villarreal and Bayern was expected to repeat the story of Benfica and Liverpool, but the Yellow Submarine coach Unai Emery had his plans. The Spaniards cautiously won the home game thanks to an 8th-minute Groeneveld goal (that shot on target was the hosts’ only one in 90 minutes) and made the Germans nervous before the return game.

As it turned out, Bayern had reasons to be nervous. Fans, experts, bookmakers – everyone was sure that the Munich team would achieve victory on their field and win the right to play in the Champions League semi-finals. Nagelsmann’s team had 65% of the ball, had 24 shots on goal for the Spaniards, and in the 52nd minute, Lewandowski scored the ball from Muller’s pass. It would seem that everything went according to plan, but no one expected that in the very end, the 22-year-old Nigerian striker Samu Chukweze equalized the score with the first and only shot of Villarreal on target by Neuer.

A remarkable fact: there were more spectators at the Allianz Arena who saw the failure of Bayern than there are inhabitants in the entire city of Villarreal.

Manchester City – Atletico (1:0)

The competition between the reigning champions of England and Spain has become a real treasure for fans of football tactics and a disappointment for lovers of goals. Diego Simeone decided to bring back the old Atlético with cautious style and rich defense for some time. Guardiola would be having nightmares about the two rows of players defending the Madrid club if one of the best midfielders in the world, Kevin de Bruyne, had not been playing in his City squad. The Belgian’s goal in the 70th minute of the first match was the only one in 180 minutes of “football chess”

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