Bruno Fernandes’ style of play during penalty kicks should be banned

Bruno Fernandes' signature style on penalty kicks

In Manchester United’s match against West Bromwich Albion (WBA) held on Saturday, the club nicknamed the Red Devils were awarded a penalty after Juan Mata’s shot hit the hand of one of the West Bromwich Albion (WBA) players. The incident gave Manchester United a chance to take a penalty. As usual, when the club gets a chance for a penalty, the executor of the penalty is Bruno Fernandes.

Please note that Bruno Fernandes is one of manchester united’s penalty executors who has technique on his penalty kicks. Arguably he is quite good at executing penalties with a total of 7 goals from January to November 2020 specifically in the Premier League. He has a kicking style that is rarely done by other footballers. Bruno Fernandes’ penalty kicking style was to jump first.

Bruno Fernandes

At the time, Manchester United had a penalty chance, he used that style to kick the ball into the net. Bruno’s shot to the right of the net could have been blocked by West Bromwich Albion (WBA) goalkeeper Sam Johnstone. However, one of the main referees of the match asked Bruno to repeat the penalty.

The repetition was caused because before Bruno kicked the ball, Sam Johnstone’s legs were seen moving forward from the goal line. It is something that is prohibited in the rules of football. In the second try, Bruno still used the same style of penalty kick.

Coincidentally in the first execution Bruno’s kick was thwarted by Sam Johnstone who could then read the direction of the ball. On the second execution, Sam Johnstone managed to read it, only for the ball to be kicked to the left with strong kicking power. The result came in and led Manchester United to a 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion (WBA).

Although often successful, but the style of kicks owned by Bruno actually has risks. If the style is done, then the kicker will lose the ball because he has to jump first so that later the pace of the ball will slow down Indeed the execution is intended for the kicker of the ball opposite the goalkeeper at the time of the penalty. For a goalkeeper who is not fooled by the execution, the slow pace of the ball will be his own advantage.

Although the match on Sunday, November 22, 2020 brought victory for Manchester United, after the game was over, Sam Johnstone who was then the goalkeeper for a penalty kick from Bruno Fernandes requested that Bruno Fernandes’ signature penalty style be banned. The request was disclosed via his personal twitter account @samjohnstone50.

Bruno Fernandes
Tweet Sam Johnstone

“A striker should not jump before a penalty kick” says Sam Johnstone

Currently, bruno fernandes-style penalty style is in the spotlight from various parties because it is considered unfair to other club goalkeepers. One Arsenal player named Ian Wright agreed with what Sam Johnstone said. He judged that Bruno’s flagship penalty style should not be allowed because it was unfair to the goalkeeper. Therefore, he asked the Premier League as the driver of the Premier League to create a new policy containing a ban on using the penalty style.

Quoted from Team Talk, Monday (11/23/2020), Ian Wright revealed that it is difficult especially for goalkeepers. A player who commits a penalty can jump or do anything else, but a goalkeeper cannot do anything, even lifting his feet from the goal line should not be. It is recommended that policy makers should stop players who do the jumping style before kicking the ball on the penalty spot. The player who kicks the penalty should just run towards the ball and then kick it. If they can move freely but the goalkeeper should not move, then that is not fair.

Indeed, Bruno Fernandes’ signature penalty style is unique and rarely a player who has a flagship style. However, please note that Bruno Fernandes is not the only footballer to have a signature kicking style. One of chelsea’s midfielders named Jorgihno also had the same style when asked as a player who committed a penalty.

Bruno Fernandes
Photo Jorginho who had the same kicking style when penalty

There was information about Bruno Fernandes having the style of a penalty kick, but the style received various comments from various parties who considered it unfair to all the goalkeepers.

Hopefully what is reviewed in this paper gives knowledge for you especially football fans related to what happened in Manchester United’s match against West Bromwich Albion (WBA), Sunday (11/22/2020) at 03.00 WIB.

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