UFC 259: Adesanya Conquers Blachowicz

UFC 259: Adesanya Conquers Blachowicz

Jan Blachowicz successfully defended his UFC light heavyweight title after defeating Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 on Sunday (7/3/2021). Both appear to have a slick fighting IQ. With the status of world champion owned by Adesanya and Blachowicz made both in no hurry at the beginning of the first round.

Several punches, combined with a leg kick were both performed by both in the first round. But, no one really came in. This first round becomes a round of fingering abilities between the two fighters.

The rhythm of the fight heats up a little bit in the second round. Blachowicz’s combination of punches and kicks was a success. Blachowicz, who was initially predicted to force the fight down, seemed comfortable doing the fight over.

In the second round, he made a mistake up to two times, namely kicking the bottom and striking the opponent’s eyes. For the two incidents, Adesanya apologized, and the second round belonged to Blachowicz.

It was only in the third round that Adesanya began to be bolder out attacking. Blachowicz almost managed to make a submission but Adesanya managed to escape.

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Entering the fourth round of UFC 259 and running two minutes, Blachowicz just forced the fight down. More interestingly, towards the start of the fourth round, there was a shout from Adesanya’s trainer who said, “Jan will force the fight down in the remaining 2 rounds, be careful.”

After imposing grappling in the fourth round, Blachowicz began to tire, but luckily the moment could not be exploited by Adesanya. After exchanging blows, in the fifth round running two minutes, Blachowicz finally regained again imposing grappling.

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The fifth round again belonged to Blachowicz, and the Polish fighter was declared the winner with a score of 49-46, 49-45, and 49-45 over Adesanya. In addition to being ufc 259 champion, he also managed to defend the ufc light heavyweight world champion position. For the first time, Adesanya was defeated in MMA fights and in the UFC.

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