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6 Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iPhone

Android’s war with the iPhone is still heating up. Android offers an affordable price with facilities that are not inferior to the iPhone. While the iPhone offers a premium class smartphone at a fairly high price. It can be said that the iPhone is the classiest smartphone in the world to date. This cannot be denied because the vendor from California, United States, this is always bringing out elegant phones. Despite the fact that, you still shouldn’t underestimate the performance of Android. Google’s operating system has several advantages that can be said to be ‘better’ than the iPhone. Any reason Android can be said to be better than the iPhone.

1. Easier file working system

Android offers convenience in the file work system. Android users can directly copy or transfer a file simply by plugging the data cable directly into a computer or laptop. Meanwhile, if you want to move the data on the iPhone, users must install iTunes first. Once installed, users must also create an account first and can first copy or transfer data. It’s pretty complicated, isn’t it?

2. Many hardware options

Android offers a wide selection of hardware with a variety of models made by vendors. You can choose a smartphone with a variety of models such as touchscreen, large screen, small screen, qwerty keypad, to waterproof. The iPhone has a limited choice of hardware models. The difference isn’t too far away either. IPhone types only exist a few such as iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus.

3. Free to install any application

Usually Apple will limit the applications that can be downloaded by users. Some applications that are often restricted are those that contain elements of violence, sexual, controversy, or politics. Android users can freely download any app.

4. A wide selection of widgets and skins

Android has advantages on customization of widgets and various skins. You can choose from thousands of widgets that can be run on the homescreen. The iPhone has a limited selection of widgets. You can put only a few widgets on the homescreen.

5. Can share files more broadly

You can share all the files you have more broadly using Android, both through browsers and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, Google+, and others. While the file sharing feature on the iPhone is very limited. You’ll have trouble sharing files.

6. Can be used on many windows

Android is perfect for people who like to do work multitasking. You can open a lot of windows. There is also an Android smartphone that can split the screen between two apps. You can open two apps at the same time. Cool, right? The iPhone doesn’t yet have this feature and is still very difficult to use for multitasking.

The six things above are the reasons why Android can be said to be better than the iPhone. Although actually both are equally good because they have their own advantages and disadvantages. What do you think?

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