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Edit Photos With Adobe Lightroom, Here Are Tips and How to Use Them

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom – Currently, uploading photos without editing is impossible. Especially if the photo is used for Instagram needs must definitely look cool and interesting. Selebgram, a nickname for Instagram celebrities, is certainly thinking about how to design a cool photo feed to upload on Instagram.

To do so, they use photo editing apps spread across the Internet. One of the most popular photo editing apps that is widely used by celebgrams, even famous photographers also use it. The application is Adobe Lightroom. What is Adobe Liightroom?

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an application used for photo editing where in its use is more devoted to photo retouch and more varied color effects games. The app includes part of the Adobe family that also has several other editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, Adobe Premier for movie editing, and Adobe for website editing.

Although the functionality is the same as Adobe Photoshop, editing using Lightroom is always stored separately and does not damage the editing results when saving. In addition, Adobe Lightroom can’t perform as many functions as Adobe Photoshop does such as changing, adding, and deleting the look of items on an image, creating text or 3D objects on an image or modifying a video frame.

Adobe Lightroom can be said to be an all in one photo editing app. By using this app, everyone can do a lot of things in simple editing such as changing lighting, contrast, highlights, shadows, hues, color temperature, patterns, vibrations, and saturation. In fact, users can also adjust clarity, adding fog, vignette, and grain effects. All of these features can be used for free, free of charge.

Excelling in photo editing, Adobe Lightroom also excels in terms of user view. The app has a simple design but remains elegant and professional so it’s easy to use especially for beginners. Its large buttons with clear writing make it easy for users to understand how to use the app. That’s why Adobe Lightroom is a favorite photo editing app for many people, especially photography lovers and celebgrams who currently use this app to edit their photos to look cool.

Adobe Lightroom’s Best Features

1. Adobe Lightroom Presets

For users especially beginners who do not want to edit photos hard, directly use the presets that are available. That’s because Adobe Lightroom has its own presets. Some professional photographers sometimes have their own presets. If they do provide, then the presets can be downloaded and can be used to edit photos to make the editing look the same

2. RAW format

If you want a more detailed image, at least when taking a photo, take a photo in RAW format. This format can be said to produce good photos because it does not compress the quality of the photos and can capture them all through the camera sensor so that it will produce good photos after editing.

3. Exposure and Exposure

When editing using a photo obtained from a mobile phone camera, it will look darker, even too bright. That’s why photo editing is necessary to embed good photos. In Adobe Lightroom, users can overcome a photo that looks dark or bright by adjusting its exposure and exposure. If the user can manage it properly can be sure to produce the photo as desired.

4. Vibrance and Saturation

If you want the color of the photo to be sharp, then it can regulate vibrance and saturation. When setting both things up, don’t get too high as it can produce photos that look untural

5. Set the white balance

This setting can edit photos that will produce photos with special effects. This setting is used to get realistic photos done using the eyedropper tools and then directed to areas that are white or gray

6. Noise to remove spots

The noise setting here is usually used to remove the resulting white spots due to the excessively high ISO. If you want to eliminate it, reduce it by using noise reduction.

7. Geometry

Fix the shape of the image when it looks a little irregular. This can be done by using the features that can be obtained if subscribing to a premium account. The feature in question is Geometry which is used to straighten the photo if it looks crooked. The way is quite easy is to use guided upright.

Tutorial Adobe Lightroom

1. Install the Adobe Lightroom App

Adobe Lightroom
Download Adobe Lightroom

In order to use this app first all you have to do is download and install it first. Download it on both the Google Play Store and the App Store if you want to use it on your smartphone. As for PC, it can be found in app stores scattered on the internet

2. Open the Adobe Lightroom app

Adobe Lightroom

Once installed, open the app. In advance, the user will be given an introduction in advance. You can get through it by pressing “Skip or Skip”

3. Log in if you already have an Adobe account

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Account Login

If you already have an Adobe account, click “Sign In” immediately and enter the email and password used. It’s different if they don’t already have an account, the user must create an account first. In addition to using email and password to log in, users can use a Facebook account or Google account, depending on the user’s wishes

4. Add a new item

Adobe Lightroom

If the login has been successful, then the app directly displays the adobe lightroom main page. After that, add a new item by clicking on the “New Item” section to create an Album. After that, name the album and click “OK”. Automatically, a new album will be added

5. Add photos from your device’s storage memory

Adobe Lightroom

Once the album is added, then open it and add the photo to it through both storage memory and the camera. If through the camera, then click the camera icon. If you go through storage memory, click the icon symbolizes “plus frame and sign (+)”.

Select the photo you want to edit until a blue mark appears on the circle. Then click “Add” to add the selected photo

6. Start editing photos to your liking

Adobe Lightroom

Once the process of adding photos is complete, the next step is to edit the photo to your liking. Select the photo you want to edit and then the user is automatically redirected to the editing page.

Here, users will find various tools used to edit photos such as Selective, Healing, Crop, Profiles, Auto, Light (Exposure, Contrast, Highlight, Shadow, White&Black, and Curve), Effects (Clarity, Dehaze, Vignete, and Grain), Color (White Balance, Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, Saturation, and Mix), Detail (Sharpening and Noise Reduction), Optics, Geometry, Preset, and Reset.

If the user wants to get the color that suits their liking, then it can use saturation. If you want to get bright effects on your photos, you can use Contrast, Highlight, Exposure, and Shadow.

7. Save photos

Adobe Lightroom
Saving Photos

When you’re done editing, the next step is to save the photo to your device. Click the “three-point branching” sign at the top center then select “Save to Device” if you want to save it on your mobile device.

How? it’s very easy to use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos. The results will certainly be very satisfying. It proved that this app is widely used by famous celebgrams to streamer their Instagram feeds. If you want to edit photos the way celebgrams do, then it doesn’t make any mistake using this app. download and install the Adobe Lightroom app on your device!

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