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Clubhouse, a Chat-Based App Booming On iOS Devices

Clubhouse app

Recently, the Clubhouse app has become a worldwide conversation. Not only in Indonesia, this application is becoming more and more booming especially after being used by Elon Musk who is a genius who always had a brilliant idea and the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

There may still be many people unfamiliar with this Clubhouse app. The clubhouse includes social mediaapps – but it’s different from the rest. What does this app look like? why this audio-chat based application is said to be quite exclusive and not just anyone can become a member? how do I create an account? Let’s check out the review below.

Clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is a voice chat-based app that focuses more on audio content to interact with than text. This app is for listening to chats in interviews as well as discussions on various topics live.

Many say that the Clubhouse is an interesting place to study. By listening to various kinds of chats in this app, users can get a lot of new knowledge from the characters who are speakers in this app. In addition, users can also actively join a talk group if it is created in a group discussion format.

If there is a question or opinion, then the listener can choose the “raise a hand” logo to ask it. Later, moderators are free to decide whether to give permission to deliver or not. So, this application will provide benefits for users to expand networking as much as possible.

This app is like a webinar but it’s free. However, this app is said to be quite exclusive because there are not many users. The new clubhouse can be used by IOS users only. So, for Android users or others still can not create an account on the Clubhouse app.

What is the origin of the Clubhouse application?

The Clubhouse app was created by Paul Davidson, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former Google employee, Rohan Seth. Clubhouse released in America to coincide with the Covid-19 pandemic began to hit the country in March 2020,

The clubhouse is under the auspices of Alpha Exploration Co. When the app’s users still reached 1,500 people, the company received a US$ 12 million injection of funds from Andreessen Horowitz.

The name of the Clubhouse app is booming worldwide in 2021, especially after it was used by Elon Musk. Not only that, until February 1, 2021, users of this app have reached 2 million with a valuation rate of about US$ 1 billion. Such a valuation level can already be considered a Unicorn.

How the Clubhouse app works

Clubhouse app chat rooms

The Clubhouse app is a place for someone who wants to have a chat or listen to chats or discussions from famous people. In this app there are several chat rooms of various topics. Each chat room has its moderators, speakers, and listeners. Moderators act as the organizer of the discussion as well as who wants to speak from the listener.

The way the app works is quite simple. Someone who already has an account will receive a recommendation for chat topics to be implemented in the near future. Topics that appear based on the selection made at the beginning of registration.

After selecting a topic, users can join a shared call and listen to the material being discussed according to the topic chosen from a recognized source of credibility.

How to join

Usually to be able to join as a user of an application, we have to cover the application first. But in the Clubhouse app, users can download the app and create an account after getting an invitation or invitation from another user first. So, if we don’t get an invitation from another user, then we can’t download it.

Invited users will get a link sent via SMS. The link will lead to the Clubhouse app Sign Up page for creating a new account. Once the account is created, the user will be presented with a wide variety of themes and chat topics.

Clubhouse users have invitation restrictions for others. They only have two opportunities to invite new users. Everyone might be able to download the app, but they won’t be able to join unless a friend gives an invitation or allows them to join.

Currently, the Clubhouse is only available to iOS device owners. However, it does not close the possibility that the Clubhouse will also be available in the Android version in the near future. yes, let’s just wait.

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