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Apple Macbook M1 and M1 Pro Reconditioned Version Price

Specifications and Price Apple Macbook M1 and Macbook M1 Pro Reconditioned Version

Two Apple Macbooks are back on the market at a low price and certainly quite attractive. Both the Macbook M1 and M1 Pro are reconditioned versions. Whereas as we already know together that the two products are actually just present in November 2020. The surprising thing is that Apple chose both Macbooks to be included in the list of devices that it reconditioned.

Even if the product is rebuilt, you don’t have to worry about the authenticity and quality. Because Apple itself has officially announced the release. In addition, apple-made products are also known for their competitive quality.

Apple has also claimed that its products have gone through various stages to guarantee the quality and quality of the product. The two Apple Macbooks have gone through the inspection stage, the testing stage, the cleaning stage, up to the packaging stage. These steps Apple needs to do to make sure both Apple Macbooks are of good quality and maintained.

If you intend to buy both Apple Macbooks, it’s a good idea to know more about the specifications. If the consideration is brand, you don’t need much time to consider other things to buy one of the two Apple Macbooks.

In the following, we present some of the specifications you’ll get from the Apple Macbook M1 and Macbook M1 Pro.

Macbook Air M1 Specifications

Macbook Air M1 Specifications
Macbook Air M1 Specifications

Macbook M1 is a Macbook from Apple that has the privilege of other types of Macbook. Because, Apple has brought its latest chipset for them to pair in this series. Apple named the chipset after the Apple M1, which was produced directly by Apple.

The Apple M1 chipset in this Macbook M1 has a different number of Cores depending on the price of the Macbook. There is a CPU from 7 cores to 8 cores that can be your consideration in buying this Apple Macbook. For RAM, you can choose a Macbook M1 with a choice of Ram from 6 GB to 8 GB.

The display on this Macbook also has a 13.3 inch Retina Display display installed. You don’t have to hesitate with its resolution that reaches 2,560 x 1,600 which can produce very clear images. For its brightness, Apple has provided up to 400 nits of brightness and there is a true tone.

As a storage support, Macbook M1 has also been installed SSD with variants ranging from 256 GB to 512 GB which is certainly very wide. Not only that, but you can also add more storage if you feel that the number of SSDs is still too small. You can expand your storage to 2 Tb.

This Apple Macbook has a battery of up to 49.9 watts per haur of lithium polymer. According to the claim, you can use the Macbook M1 for up to 15 hours for internet use and browsing. Alternatively, you can also use a battery that big to play videos or movies for up to 18 hours. The duration is very long and is a sign that the battery on the Macbook M1 is indeed amazing.

Macbook Pro M1 Specififiaksi

Macbook Pro M1 Specififiaksi
Macbook Pro M1 Specififiaksi

Not much different from the Macbook M1 that Apple has provided the latest Aplle M1 chipset. Although this Macbook is a refurbished item, Apple has been able to ensure it has the same hardware as the Macbook M1 product that was released in November last year.

What’s different about the Macbook M1 pro than the M1 series is in some ways. First of the available color options, the Macbook M1 Pro has a choice of silver and space gray colors. In the M1 pro series, the number of core options available on the GPU is equally 8 cores. While in the M1 series there is only a choice of GPU 7 and 8 Core.

For SSDs, Apple offers as large an SSD as the M1 series. You can choose the number of SSds from 256 GB to 512 GB that you can still expand again. For RAM storage, you’ll also find a selection of 8 GB of RAM that you can still expand to 16 GB.

You’ll also find differences in size. Running the iBox website, the Macbook pro M1 has longer battery life when compared to the Macbook Air M1. The battery life on your Macbook Pro M1 Pro can last up to 17 hours for wireless web use and 20 hours for movie playback through the Apple TV app.

Apple Macbook Air and Pro Reconditioned Version Price

Through the rebuild process, both Apple products have made improvements to the outer body. It aims to make the device you buy look like new and no one knows that the product is a reconditioned version.

In addition, Apple still provides a warranty for the reconditioned product for one year. So, you do not have to hesitate if anything happens during 1 year of use because Apple has given the warranty.

If you intend to buy this product, you need to spend too deeply like the latest series. All you have to do is set up an $849 or $1.19 for a refurbished macbook Air M1. If you intend to own a Macbook Pro M1, you will need to set up a fund of $1,439 or the equivalent of $20.2 million.

Currently, you can only purchase both Apple Macbooks on Apple’s official website.

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