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List of Most Used Apps During Covid-19 Pandemic

List of Most Used Apps

In this day and day, many activities are dissed at home, some are even taken off. Just like workers who turn to Work From Home to students who study online. It does aim to keep ourselves from the Covid-19 virus that is currently engulfing the world, even Indonesia.

When we do that from home of course we have to take advantage of the technological advances that exist. The technological advances in question can be applications that can help us in doing work and learning for students so that learning is still running for students and for workers even their tasks will not accumulate.

Here are some apps that can help us do something, whether it’s in terms of work or classroom learning. Currently, some of the applications in question become applications that are widely used during pandemics. What are these apps? Let’s take a good look.

1. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Most Used Apps
Zoom Cloud

An application used for online meetings that can accommodate up to 100 people is Zoom Meeting. Zoom can be said to be the number one application in terms of providing user satisfaction because it provides a good communication experience and the quality of the video provided is already HD. By using Zoom, users can communicate with people anywhere and anytime.

Nowadays, the Zoom app is very helpful for users in doing the job. Zoom is usually used for virtual meetings. Not only used by office workers for meetings, Zoom is also usually used by students and students to participate in online learning.

On some campuses, Zoom is also usually used to conduct online graduations.

In the past, there may still be few people using this app to communicate. However, due to covid-19, Zoom became one of the most widely used applications during the pandemic. Thus, the app’s developers and strive to keep up to date new features better than ever before. In the midst of this pandemic, Zoom users recorded 200 million daily usage in the last week of April 2020.

2. Skype

Most Used Apps

Just like Zoom, Skype is also an app that’s used to chat with people, whether it’s voice calls, videos or sending instant messages. Using Skype allows many users to connect with other users in different countries.

Skype delivers vide calls with hd quality. One of the most widely used parts of Skype for Business where the app is widely used for business fields. The app has features to control video conferences, search for email contacts or phone numbers, and detect user engagement in business.

3. Google Meet

Most Used Apps
Google Meet

One of the apps also used to communicate via video calls was made by Google LLC in March 2017. This app is one of the apps that will replace Google Hangouts in addition to Google Chat.

This app can load video calls up to 30 participants. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Google Meet users increased by 30% between January and April 2020 with 100 million users accessing it one day which makes it the most popular app compared to the first present and popular video calling app.

4. Gmail

Most Used Apps

The service is used to send the largest web-based e-mail with a total of 425 million active users from around the world. By sending messages by email, it is much easier than through the post office or other expedition services. Email is also more formal than other chat apps.

In addition to messages, email can also be used to send attachments up to 25 MB where it is larger than other web mail services.

In the midst of this pandemic, email is very useful. For workers who work at home, emails are useful for submitting work-related and work-related reports from bosses that are sent to their workers to complete. As for students, email is very useful for sending assignments from lecturers as well as draft thesis sent to the guiding lecturer.

5. WhatsApp

Most Used Apps

Just like Gmail, WhatsApp is a platform used to communicate via messages, voice and video calls without using credit because the app can be used when your phone is connected to the internet. WhatsApp’s own users have reached 2 billion from around the world where that figure is up 500 million from 1.5 billion in 2018.

This app becomes one of the most popular messaging apps currently beating BBM (BlackBerry Massenger), Line, or other chat apps. This app is equipped with various features that can make it easier for a person to do activities from home, be it for work or to follow learning from teachers through online.

Usually, WhatsApp is used by teachers to inform students what to do according to the materials taught. Teachers create class-specific groups that are used to deploy tasks. It also applies to students where they create groups to disseminate information related to lectures. The work also requires groups on WhatsApp to share work-related information or new information that workers should know about.

Now that’s the list of the most used apps in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic. One of the above apps must be installed on your phone that is used to communicate. Just like WhatsApp. For other apps, you can download it through the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for you regarding the application that is currently most widely used especially when doing activities from home. For you readers of this paper, take care of your health and adhere to the prescribed health protocols. Happy reading.

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