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Laptop battery often drops? Do This Trick to Save Its Use!

laptop battery

Laptop is one of the electronic items that can be said to be quite vital. Our work in this era tends to often help laptops whether to make writing, pictures, videos, even search for information with the help of the internet. Although some manufacturers have now produced gadgets that are able to replace the role of laptops so that it is more simple and efficient, but it cannot be seen that some people still like the use of laptops for their work needs every day.

As one of the devices that are needed by the community today, various electronics manufacturers are competing to create laptop products that suit the needs and desires of the community. They innovate every time so that every time a new product release can always be a flagship product. One important assessment for consumers that manufacturers consider is laptop batteries.

Laptop batteries are life for the laptop itself. Often users who can not take good care of the laptop will often experience damage to the battery. Of course the cost of repairs or maybe replacement is not small. Laptop batteries become one of the most expensive components in the laptop itself. Well to help you have a laptop with a durable battery, we provide a trick to save laptop battery. Some of the following tricks and tips aim to extend battery life while still maintaining the performance of the laptop itself. Here’s the brief review.

  1. Try to deactivate desktop gadgets on laptops such as clocks, calendars, and others. The clock on the desktop requires updates all the time and this will obviously use more battery power than when you’re not using it.
  2. Set the Power Scheme and make it On and determine the time according to your needs.
  3. Reduce visual effects on laptops such as reducing animations and shadows that are usually used to beautify the laptop desktop screen.
  4. Uninstall some applications that are not necessary and are not vital. Usually when you just buy a laptop, you will be given some built-in apps from the store. Choose which one feels necessary to install and avoid those that feel there is no need or meaningful benefit to you.
  5. You can also disable services that are not needed. There is usually an app called Indexing that is very rarely used and you can disable the application. Indexing application is often known to drain the battery power of the laptop is quite large.
  6. If you want to use an anti-virus program, you better think and choose carefully and use the original program. Using fake programs will damage your laptop because it could be that the program actually carries a virus. While too much use of anti-virus programs will waste the battery power of the laptop.
  7. Try to use Hibernate Mode. This mode is better compared to Sleep Mode because in Hibernate Mode all applications will be returned to the hard drive when the laptop is turned off. It’s just that in addition if your laptop uses a laptop with a capacity of under 4 GB. The rest, you are advised to use Sleep Mode.
  8. Diligently clean the laptop so that it is free from dirt and dust.
  9. Reduce the lighting on the laptop screen to reduce the battery usage of the laptop.
  10. When you do not need to use a flash or device that must be stuck on a laptop, you should immediately unplug because it has the potential to consume considerable battery power.

That’s a quick review of the tricks to save laptop batteries. By treating the laptop well, especially for laptop batteries, will extend the life of laptop use so that you will not spend too much for this one device.

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