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Handy Bot, Samsung Robot Released Early 2021

Samsung Introduces Robot Assistant Handy Bot

Samsung introduced several products at the 2021 Show Electronics Consumer (CES) earlier this year, where the Handy Bot was introduced. The event was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through the largest electronics exhibition, Samsung showcased several AI-based smart home products. These products are able to improve the user experience while doing daily activities.

Handy Bot, Artificial Intelligence Based Household Assistant

Samsung is working hard to deliver the next generation of innovations. Using AI as the ultimate drive and the goal is for a better tomorrow. This was exposed by Sebastian Seung. He is Samsung’s president and head of research.

One of the products they introduced in the exhibition was Samsung Bot Handy. The innovation is a new household assistant that is supported by artificial intelligence technology. This robot will be useful for recognizing and retrieving objects. Good with various sizes, shapes and weights. So, users can use it to help with homework automatically.

Handy Bots and Some New All-Round Robots from Samsung

Samsung Introduces Robot Assistant Handy Bot
Samsung Introduces Robot Assistant Handy Bot

Let’s get to know some other robot options both Bot Handy and others below.

1. All-Round Hand Robot, Handy Bot

Samsung Bot Handy is able to distinguish material composition from various objects. In addition it can also use the right level of grip strength to pick up and move household items. Handy bots are able to help with other homework, such as cleaning cluttered rooms or sorting dishes after meals.

2. Vacuum Cleaner With AI Camera

This robot is a Smart Vacuum Cleaner. Samsung also introduced a vacuum cleaner called Jetbot 90 AI Plus. This tool uses object recognition technology to identify and classify objects to determine the best cleaning path. Jetbot 90 AI Plus is equipped with Lidar sensor and 3D sensor.

This allows it to avoid wires and small objects. Especially when cleaning hard-to-reach corners on a user’s home. The robot is equipped with a camera that integrates with smart apps. Surely it will further help users monitor the home.

3. Companion Robot

Companion Robot
Companion Robot

Samsung also introduced Samsung Robot Care. The robot also utilizes AI to recognize and respond to user behavior. Samsung Robot Care is a robot assistant as well as a companion.

Unlike Handy Bots, Robot Care is tasked with helping to handle daily activities. The robot will also study users’ schedules and habits. It also sends reminders to users to help with their daily activities.

4. 4 Door Refrigerator

In addition to The Handy Bot, several other innovations for electronic products from Samsung include a four-door refrigerator. The refrigerator has replaceable panels. The latest 4-door model began to arrive in the North American market in the spring.

The refrigerator features a new beverage center that provides quick access to water dispensers and automatic water pitchers. The Flex 4 door is equipped with a double automatic ice maker. This innovation can produce standard ice cubes.

Samsung also introduced a 110-inch micro LED. These screens have inorganic LEDs that can turn on themselves. Carrying an infinity screen design, the screen is very thin and almost frameless. The 110-inch micro LED also has a Quad View or four-screen display option. So, users can split the screen into four sections to watch several shows at once.

5. Culinary Robots Released Before Handy Bots

There are also cooking smarthings. This is a new service from Samsung Smarthings designed to facilitate users’ culinary activities. Smarthings Cooking has an automated eating planer that makes use of ai food from shakers who will recommend food for next week.

Ai in these robots will also help make a shopping list of needed materials. It is automatically connected to groceries for the shopping process. This process can be done through a smartphone.

Recipes and cooking instructions will also be sent to samsung cooking devices that are already in sync.

6. Robot Trainer Sports

Samsung also introduced Samsung Health Smart Trainer on the Samsung TV 2021 which helps users create a private gym space at home. Equipped with Smart Trainer feature.

Its function is to monitor and analyze posture in real time. In addition it also helps calculate reps as you exercise. Unlike Bot Handy, the robot is able to estimate how many calories are burned.

7. Smart Spherical Robot

Not a Handy Bot, this robot named Ballie that has a round and yellow shape, at first glance like a tennis ball. However, the robot is equipped with AI capabilities. Even Ballie’s got a life friend.

HS Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics’ Consumer Electronics Division said that Samsung’s robot vision is a Life Friend for consumers. So Samsung continues to try to understand the needs of the owner.

Ballie is a small rolling robot that understands you. It can also support you, as well as react to all your needs. The goal is to actively help in the area around the house.

In ballie’s introductory video that Samsung uploaded on its YouTube page, this robot has many abilities. This robot can also do interesting things, especially in helping to manage the house intelligently.

8. Robot Assistant Chef

Robot Assistant Chef
Robot Assistant Chef

A pair of Samsung Chef Bot robot arms are already in place at the CES 2020 exhibition. This technology they made for Smart Home. Although different from Bot Handy, this robot remains unique and useful in its field.

This Robot Chef has 35 recipes and is programmed to be made. From salads to to know, Greek salads, avocado chicken salads, and walnut apple salad.

But this Robot Chef should still have a system as a system, to prepare ingredients for food purposes and cut out the ingredients you use.

This robotic arm can help the chef’s task in cooking, the chef does not have to do hard work such as adding mirnya, sorting ingredients and calculating the material field.

Availability of Samsung Samsung Bot Handy and Other Smart Robots

There is no more info when exactly the Samsung Robot will be available. At the very least, showing off a Samsung-made robot can give you an idea of the future. It seems that the robot you can rely on to help clean the house.

Well, that was some discussion about Handy Bot and AI-based assistant robot from Samsung. Are you interested in having one of these?

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