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New Feature, Open WhatsApp Web With Fingerprint Or Face ID

WhatsApp Web With Fingerprint Or Face ID

Frequent access to WhatsApp Web? Now, there will be new security features. Usually to connect to whatsApp Web, users use QR codes. However, currently connecting to that web version can be done through other means. Then, what are the new security features of WhatsApp Web? Let’s take a good look.

New security features for WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

Through its twitter account, WhatsApp announced that it has released a new security feature to add another layer of security to its web version of user accounts.

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Usually to open a WhatsApp Web account is only done through QR code. However, there will now be new security features that make WhatsApp accounts more private.

This new feature leverages biometric authentication, be it fingerprint or face id to access WhatsApp Web. Through this feature, users can open WhatsApp on the desktop using fingerprint or face id.

How biometric authentication features, both fingerprint and face id work

Biometrics used is a process to ascertain a person’s identity by scanning certain body parts. Biometric results that are considered valid are the fingerprints or faces of users who have registered WhatsApp on the phone. Before that, mobile phone users also need to enable biometric authentication features on their phones.

Once the user’s fingerprint or face scan is done, the user can scan the QR code to open a WhatsApp account to the Web version. The existence of this new security feature is expected to strengthen security on WhatsApp so that communication will be more secure and confidentiality will be maintained properly.

Features are still limited

This new security feature for WhatsApp Web is not yet available on all phones because it can only be used on phones and operating systems that already support biometric authentication.

WhatsApp officials say the new security feature is likely to prevent someone from opening WhatsApp Web to another device without the actual account owner knowing.

Features automatically active

Please note that the new security feature will be automatically activated. With this new feature, WhatsApp hopes that users can feel calm and safe when using the web version without worrying about WhatsApp accounts being compromised by others because the account can only be opened using the fingerprints or faces of users who have registered on WhatsApp mobile. However, if the user wants to disable it, go directly to the settings menu.

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