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CCleaner, Advantages and Disadvantages of Upgrading To The Pro Version

CCleaner pro

Every mobile phone will certainly experience a decrease in performance, especially if it is due to the full RAM capacity so that it will have an impact on the slow performance of the phone. One of the slow factor of mobile phone performance is the amount of junk or cache of apps and games installed on mobile phones. To overcome this, of course, the phone will need an application that can clean up all the garbage or cache. One of the applications that can be used is CCleaner Pro.

CCleaner Pro is part of the CCleaner app but the paid version. However, the features provided are much more complete than the free version. If you’re curious about this app, here’s a review on how to upgrade to a Pro account. But before that it will be briefly explained what a CCleaner Pro account looks like. Check out the reviews below!

CCleaner Pro on CCleaner Apps


CCleaner Pro includes a paid version of the CCleaner app with its more complete features than the free version. Overall, the use of this CCleaner Pro account can maximize all the performance of the system on mobile phones that are experiencing problems related to slow mobile performance.

The main function of the pro version of this CCleaner application is automatic cleaning so that it can immediately detect any files that are not needed in pre-installed applications with a quick scan. In addition, this Pro version can save battery power and block any useless ads.

How to Upgrade To A CCleaner Pro Account

Before users can change from the free version to the paid version, of course all you have to do is first install the CCleaner app. Well, after that it can only be upgraded to the Pro version. Here are the steps:

1. Download and install the CCleaner app through the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. Wait for the download and install process to complete.


2. Once installed, open the CCleaner app and click “Start”.

3. In this step comes a view with the options “Continue With Ads” and “Improve Now”. Select “Continue With Ads” then click “Start Here”


5. Select “Give Us Access” where the application requires permission to be able to clean photos, media, and files on your mobile phone. Then click “Allow”


6. Activate the CCleaner app by swiping right which means the user allows the CCleaner app. Do the same in the next view.


7. Then it will pop up the view as below screenshot shown and select the menu “Obstacle Free Quick Actions” and enable it.


8. When you have enabled “Page Free Quick Actions”, it will automatically appear several options below it. Select “Shortcut Service”. Enable the “CCleaner” section by clicking on it and then clicking “OK”


9. Last step regarding permissions, scroll down and select “CCleaner”. Click the button in the top right to use accessibility services. Select “OK”.


10. After the last step, the view will return at the beginning when requesting permissions. Next select “Scan Trash”. Wait for the scan to complete and when you’ve finished clicking “Continue”. Here will appear what applications to do cleaning. Select “Complete Cleaning”.


11. In this step will appear a view with the words “Start Deep Cleaning”. Click “Forward”. Wait for the cleaning process to be further completed. Then select “Let’s See”


12. After that appears the view and select “View Apps”. Then a “Hibernation” view will appear. If you want to skip this section, select the arrow in the upper-left corner and there will automatically be a choice between “Continue For Free” and “Upgrade”. Select “Continue For Free”, first to see how the CCleaner app looks


13. After the app view appears, select the bottom section that says “Get CCleaner Pro” or directly click “Upgrade” in the top right corner.


14. Here will appear a view about the price offer to enjoy the features of CCleaner Pro. Users can choose to pay by bill each year or month. If you have already selected, then click “Next”


15. After that appears a view of the payment method to be used. Users can choose what method to use. The payment method provided can be via credit from the provider used such as Three (3), credit or debit card, redeem Google Play voucher code or purchase Google Play balance at Alfamart. Choose which one you want.


16. Once the user has finished making the purchase, the CCleaner app is upgraded to the Pro version

CCleaner Pro Account Advantages and Disadvantages

Any upgrade to a paid version certainly has advantages and disadvantages in its users. So does the CCleaner Pro account. The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


  1. Can remove or block ads so the app will be ad-free
  2. Automatically clean files without the need to wait for a decision from the app user even if they only set them up once
  3. More optimal photo size and quality control
  4. Duplicate feature that can detect duplicate files on your phone to save storage memory capacity
  5. Analyze all detected apps using a lot of battery power
  6. Can quickly delete very large video files
  7. Accelerate system performance so that it will be comfortable in operating
  8. Can check the temperature and battery level on mobile devices
  9. Can find files or applications affected by hidden
  10. “Active Monitoring” feature
  11. Check security and delete internet history that is the source of the influx of insane garbage
  12. Not waste battery power despite cleaning the entire system or application on the phone
  13. CCleaner Pro’s 24-hour active support service


  1. Although many advantages are gained it turns out that this pro version can bring malicious malware to the mobile system so that it will cause important data of the system to be sent to the hacker’s server

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So the discussion about how to upgrade to a CCleaner Pro account. This discussion is certainly very important for someone who wants to get more features related to scanning and cleaning the system from the garbage or cache that is on the mobile phone. Good-bye!

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