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China’s Newest Operating System, Harmony OS 2.0 Technology

Harmony OS 2.0

The emergence of Harmony OS 2.0 is none other than the impact of China’s conflict with the United States related to technology. Prolonged conflict has led to policies affecting sectors in both countries.

Included in this is the development of communication technology. Because among them block the spread of products including smartphones to his area. As a result, China is trying to create a new operating system on its latest phone.

It is rumored that later the operating system used in the latest smartphones, will also be integrated into several other smart homes, such as smart TVs, smartwatches,car head units and other IoT devices. With the many cooperation of operating systems formed, there will be many benefits of easy access for lovers of modern technology. However, it is not certain until the arrival of the phone is officially on the market.

The Origin of Harmony OS 2.0

Harmony OS 2.0 Technology
The Origin of Harmony OS 2.0

Before discussing Harmony OS 2.0, it’s important to understand a few things. As you know, that politics can affect a country’s economy. The state will consider with whom they will cooperate and with whom it does not cooperate.

The political system will have a lot of impact with the policies they put out. With their policies in place, each has the hope that there will be reforms that have a positive impact, and from then on comes a new story about the arrangement of a field in the country. Including the history of the development of Huawei’s new operating system.

The ban on exports from the United States has led China to look for new alternatives other than Android from Google. As a country that oversees each other’s development with its neighboring countries, China today twisted the idea to innovate on its own in various fields, including modern communication technology Harmony OS 2.0.

Rumor has it they’re going to create their own operating system that won’t depend on the United States. The plan has been in place since they announced on December 16, 2020 to the media that there would be the launch of its new operating system.

Of course in this case it will require many partners from IT development as well as other professionals. By embracing many developers,Huawei has already bagged 1.8 million partners since the end of 2020 before Harmony OS 2.0. These include giant developers such as WPS, Bilibili, Ctrip, iFLYTEK.

Quite a warm welcome as a form of support to its new partner, Huawei. This good news is certainly not wasted by Huawei. They quickly began their collaborative work. As the CEO of Huawei Consumer Bussiness Group explained, this product will be in circulation in early 2021 and still limited to Chinese consumers first.

Uniqueness harmony OS 2.0

Uniqueness harmony OS 2.0
What’s Different About Harmony OS 2.0

The thing that has always been the talk is about the efficiency of Harmony OS 2.0. This new look will bring the theme of improvement in terms of access speed. This will be something that greatly facilitates its users. The important reason for the rapid access is the integration between platforms. So later users can only use one platform for all access.

Huawei is also here for app developers. Because they have a low RAM device that is 128 KB. It will be a good cooperation capital for the improvement of the quality of this latest Huawei product.

For data security also did not go unnoticed by Huawei. They will be more concentrated in securing their user data. So there is no doubt or discomfort for fear of his personal data being taken by parties who do not mean well.

Similarity To Android

Similarity To Android
Similarity To Android

Starting to create your own operating system is certainly not an easy job. Moreover, the time to produce Harmony OS 2.0 is also not long. It requires the readiness of all systems and also the support of cooperation from many professionals. It’s not going to take a while and it’s not easy.

There is news that huawei’s latest product has a lot in common with Android version 10. That’s because many of the looks are considered no different. You can see from the leaks that appear on the media. Compare it with Android’s, then you’ll find some similarities between the two. Resemblance

The interface display that Huawei runs is similar to EMUI. According to Huawei, they have not completely changed it. They’re moving EMUI display and security to Harmony OS 2.0.

Also when viewing the App info page, many Android components are found, such as ‘Android Service Library’, ‘Android Share Library’, ‘Androidwext’ and so on. When asked by Huawei, they still can’t change ‘Android’ to ‘not Android’. Let’s just say, it’s just a different shirt.

Huawei will not violate if it still uses Android. Because the software is actually also sold freely in the market. But his desire to depend on the U.S. by creating a new OS doesn’t seem to have been entirely successful.

New Try on P30 and Mate 30 Pro 5G

The latest news mentions that Huawei has released Harmony OS 2.0 on smartphones. Namely P30 and Mate 30 Pro 5G in January 2021. Reportedly this system is not too familiar to loyal users of Huawei. Because the interface display is also still the same as EMUI. In addition, this product is also already supported for Android applications. However, it turns out that the new system is not based on Google’s operations.

This operating system can only be enjoyed by users in China. So for prospective users who are outside the area must wait for the product to expand to try Harmony OS 2.0. To overcome curiosity, you can keep up to date with the information about Huawei that always appears through social media. While setting up funds for plans to buy a mobile phone with this new operating system.

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