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The Control Panel Menu Will Be Omitted By Microsoft In The Latest Upgrade of Windows 10

WINDOWS 10 Control Panel

When you open your PC or laptop, you will often deal with the “Control Panel” menu of Windows 10. It can be said that this menu is the center of the settings of all components that are in Windows.

Menu Control Panel
Windows 10 Control Panel menu

Control Panel itself serves as a menu to perform some settings that you want to apply in Windows users. Although you’ll be eliminated later, you as a Windows user should know some of the functions of the menu in Control Panel. Here are some menus in Control Panel:

1. System and Security
Menu Control Panel
Menu System and Security

This menu contains all windows system, administration, and security-related tools. In this menu there are several features such as Security and Maintenance, Windows Defender Firewall, System, Power Option, Backup and Restore, File History, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Storage Spaces, Work Folders, Administrative Tools, and Flash Player.

2. Network and Internet
Menu Control Panel
Network and Internet

This menu relates to network settings such as changing the network settings used and performing internet configurations that will connect to pCs and laptops. In this menu there are several features such as Network and Sharing Center and Internet Options.

3. Hardware and Sound
Menu Control Panel
Hardware and Sound

This menu relates to the hardware device settings on the computer such as printers, sound to settings about sound changes. Part of this menu includes Device and Printers, Autoplay, Sound, Power Options, Windows Mobility Center, SmartAudio.

4. Program
Menu Control Panel
Program Menu

This menu is related to the settings on applications installed in Windows. This menu is about all the programs and features in Windows that users can set according to their wishes. Features in the Program menu such as Programs and Features and Default Programs,

5. User Account and Family Safety
Menu Control Panel
User Account

This menu relates to user account settings. With this menu, users can manage from security, identity and other tasks that have a relationship with the user account that uses the device. In this menu there are two features namely User Account and Credential Manager.

6. Appearance and Personalization
Menu Control Panel
Appearance and Personalization

This menu contains tools that can be used to change every display on the desktop of the device ranging from theme, desktop background, sound effect, screen saver, and windows glass color. In this menu there are several features such as Taskbar and Navigation, Ease of Access Center, File Explorer Options, and Fonts.

7. Clock, Language, and Region
Menu Control Panel
Clock, Language, and Region

This menu relates to the clock, language, currency, number that must be set according to the position of the device user. This menu has two features such as Date and Time and Region and Language.

8. Ease of Access

Menu Control Panel
Ease of Access

With this menu, users can manage what is related to the use of the senses such as adjusting the computer to vision, hearing or mobility. With this menu the user can also set the sound so that he can perform commands on the computer. In this menu there are Ease of Access Center and Speech Recognition settings

Later, microsoft decided to eliminate Control Panel in Windows 10. That’s because users take advantage of the “Settings” menu in Windows 10, which is located side by side with the Control Panel.

The loss of this menu will take effect in the latest Windows updates to come. Users cannot find Control Panel in the October 2020 version of Windows 10 update. This news is certainly quite surprising to many people because Control Panel itself makes it easy for users to operate the computer.

In addition, reported from Techradar (9/11/2020) Microsoft also participated in blocking access from any menu that provides shorcut to the Control Panel such as access from the Properties menu in Windows Explorer and third-party applications used as a solution to access discontinued system pages. In Windows 10 preview build versions, the Program and Features menu is rumored to be redirected to the Apps and Features menu located in the Settings menu.

Why is the Control Panel function redirected to Settings? Because the Settings menu itself actually has the same function but different views. Control Panel looks like a table while Settings is a list. That’s probably why Microsoft will eliminate Control Panel in Windows 10 so that in one Windows there are no two menus that serve as device settings. Windows itself can operate smoothly even with a single settings menu only.

Although The Control Panel will be removed in Windows 10, users can still set up everything related to the device by clicking the System Page icon from Control Panel. After clicking the icon, it will directly open the Windows 10 Setting Apps menu. That’s because Microsoft has added a flag to redirect users to the “About” page in the Settings menu then System.

This switch is a form of update from Windows 10 amid the development of increasingly advanced technologies. However, there are still many users who will feel confused because they are used to using Control Panel if they want to change device settings.

With this writing, of course you as a user start preparing from the beginning before the Control Panel is completely eliminated. Actually, news of the removal of the Control Panel menu has been circulating since March 2020. The news came after Control Panel was hidden in the insider version of Windows 10 OS for testing purposes. However, it remains uncertain as to when the Control Panel menu will be removed immediately in Windows 10.

Well that’s the latest information about the Control Panel menu that will be omitted in the update version of Windows 10. May what is reviewed in this paper be useful to you. Happy reading and don’t forget to leave a comment yes!

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