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Cool! Here are the Latest Nokia 1.4 Specs and Price

Latest Nokia 1.4 Specs and Price

Since its failure, Nokia is now increasing its personal branding through its latest product Nokia 1.4. Nokia even now has no hesitation in exploring the market of entry-level smartphones that are famously cheap. Although cheap in terms of price, Nokia does not necessarily give specifications originally on its products.

Nokia 1.4 is the successor smartphone to its predecessor Nokia 1.3. As the successor phone of the series, of course Nokia type 1.4 has more advantages. This phone targets people who want to update their old gadgets.

If you want to have the latest smartphone from Nokia, it’s a good idea to consider some of the qualifications that Nokia 1.4 has. Do not let you regret after purchasing the product.

Nokia 1.4 Specifications

Here are the specifications owned by Nokia 1.4.

1. Body

Nokia today has been pretty good at following trends from the market. The gadgets that Nokia produced managed to lure many people to buy their phones. At the beginning of Nokia’s heyday in the 2000s, Nokia products were famous for their durability and durability for long-lasting use..

Until now, the Nokia image is still attached to him. Nokia made the 1.4 series with a thickness of 8.7 mm with dimensions of 166.4 x 76.7 x 8.7 mm. Besides not too thick, Nokia 1.4 is also quite because the weight of this smartphone is only 178 grams. Of course it makes it very easy for you to carry it.

The body of this smartphone is also coated with Gorilla Glass glass on the part that is certainly resistant to various scratches. Not much different from Nokia 1.3, the back type 1.4 is still made of plastic, as is the frame.

2. SIM-Card Slot

You don’t need to be confused about choosing one of the cards you have to use. Because Nokia 1.4 has been equipped with double nano SIM that can work simultaneously.

3. Display Screen

Screen View
Screen View

Even though there is no Super Amoled screen installed, IPS screen is enough to help you in watching videos or doing other activities. The screen, which measures 6.52 inches, 102.6 cm2 has a thin bezel and round bangs on top. This IPS screen on Nokia has a resolution of up to 720 x 1600 pixels.

4. Operating System

The operating system on Nokia 1.4 is Android 10. Even so, there is a development into Android 11 on the Android Go version.

5. Kitchen Pacu

To provide great performance, Nokia equips this gadget with Qualcomm QM215 Snapdragon 215 chipset. In addition to chipsets, Nokia does not seem to mess with its phones to provide a Quad-core CPU 1.3 GHz Cortex-A53. Not until there, to provide an amazing experience, Nokia has even embedded the Adreno 308 GPU in Nokia 1.4.

6. Camera

Nokia 1.4 Cameras
Nokia 1.4 Cameras

Nowadays, cameras seem to be an attraction for consumers in buying gadgets. The need to share good photos and clear videos seems to be the main consideration of many people. Some gadgets even dare to claim a camera with a resolution of 48 megapixels with mediocre camera results.

Nokia also seems to see the camera trend as one of the opportunities that it can dive into. Nokia equips its 1.4 series with 8 MP and 2 MP resolution cameras on the rear camera as well as an LED Flash, this rear camera has been able to capture images sharply because there is already HDR feature.

The resolution of the rear camera of this Nokia smartphone is still inferior to the size of its Megapixels. Even so, the camera shots are quite good and unsightly.

In addition to the front camera to complement your needs in shooting. Nokia 1.4 also has a front camera that has a resolution of 5 MP for you to take a selfie. The video quality of the camera is pegged at 720 pixels.

7. Connectivity

To add to your experience of exchanging data and accessing other devices to the internet, Nokia has provided a variety of features. WLAN on the connection is Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and supports hotspots.

In addition, there is also Bluetooth version 4.2, A2DP, LE that can connect your device with other devices. There is also a GPS that can track your whereabouts as well as others.

Although it has quite charming specifications, the fact is that there is no improvement on the USB port of this smartphone. Still the same as the previous version, the USB port that became the mainstay is still microUSB 2.0. This is a lack of Nokia 1.4 because there is currently a new USB such as type C.

Nokia 1.4 Smartphone Price

Nokia 1.4 Smartphone Price
Nokia 1.4 Smartphone Price

After knowing the various specifications that Nokia offers in its latest series, does it make you become a buzzer to replace your old gadgets? Otherwise, it’s good to save money and you can buy more advanced series. However, if you intend to change your mobile device, of course the price should always fit your financial pocket.

This smartphone from Nokia is priced at only 1.4 million. At such a price, Nokia seems to be competing with other phones such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Infinix, and many other vendors that are in the entry level market.

With a fairly affordable price and a fairly capable specification, it is certainly a comparable comparison. It does not harm you and is quite profitable for the seller.

Nokia has released Nokia 1.4 on February 3, 2021. You can find the gadget at the official Nokia store or the nearest mobile shopping center.

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