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Crowded ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ On Android It’s The Cause And How To Solve It

'Google Keeps Stopping' error

Android smart phone users complain of ‘Google keeps stopping’ pop-up messages that keep appearing on their phones. The complaint was reported by all Android users around the world through social media platforms, Tuesday (6/22/2021).

Quoting from the Independent, Wednesday (6/23/2021), the pop-up is thought to have something to do with Google’sbuilt-in apps.

Google Suspected Cause of Error

Previously the pop-up error problem also befell Android users in March 2021, when the phone suddenly stopped working on its own. In addition, there is also an error that occurs in the Android System WebView tool, which the phone is using to render web pages.

Regarding ‘Google continues to stop’ today, some suspect it is due to a bug in the update of Google’s application. The allegations were one of them revealed by Alvin Tse, General Manager of Xiaomi Indonesia, through his Twitter account, Tuesday (22/06/2021).

“It looks like there’s a Google bug that just happened today. The team is investigating. While if you see an update for the Google app in the playstore, please delay the update,” Alvin wrote.

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Google’s ‘Google Keeps Stopping’ Solution

Google has yet to provide an official description of the cause of the pop-up. However, through their official social media accounts, they actively share solutions with users experiencing the error problem. To solve this, Google advises Android users to perform a soft reboot. This is done by holding down the power button for 30 seconds on their phone.

Other Solutions

Although the solution from Google was successful for a number of users, according to the Independent, there are still other Android users who complained about the pop-ups appeared, despite having tried a solution from Google.

Meanwhile, another user mentioned that the issue of ‘Google keeps stopping’ can be solved by joining the Google app beta, so that it can download the latest version. Meanwhile, Alvin Tze mentioned, one way to solve it is to remove Google app updates.

A thorough fix may have to wait for Google to deliver other updates to cover the bug. Like the previous Android System WeView error case.

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