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DeepFake, a Mobile Photo App That’s Going Viral

DeepFake, a Mobile Photo App That's Going Viral

Two deepfake apps that are going viral can help users connect with loved ones in moving photos. Mobile photo applications with deepfake technology have grown very rapidly since the beginning of 2017. Deepfake uses artificial intelligence that turns a still photo into a moving one.

New functions developed in this app that can be found on Android and IOS such as, lip movements, head nods, and blinks of an eye. It can make you nostalgic with moving photos of loved ones that may be quite difficult to find. Here are two deepfake apps you can download:


MyHeritage is a deepfake app that was updated on December 17, 2020 and downloaded by more than 5 million users on playstore. This app prioritizes the feature of turning old photos into life with the subtle movements of the person in the photo. In addition, the app can also add color to black and white photos and improve the texture of damaged photos.

How to use the MyHeritage app:

After downloading it you have to register first using the Facebook or Gmail account that you already have. Then press the photo menu, if you have selected the desired photo then the application will automatically process it in a matter of seconds. The results can be saved for free in the gallery.


MUGLife has been downloaded more than 1 million times in playstore after being updated on February 9, 2021, and ranked 4.5 in the appStore. You can download it for free for general features but paid for the premium version. In addition to causing Motion or motion on selected photos, MUGLife also features a variety of funny expressions both free and premium versions.

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Users can also convert photo formats into GIFs, Videos and Avatars with a wide selection of text and collages. That way you can use this DeepFake application to treat longing because it is far or hard to meet your loved ones.

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