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Do these if you don’t want your Android phone hacked in 2022

Android phone hacked

In 2022, your phone is more than a dispensable call device. With the profuse digitization our world has seen, you can do a million and one things with your phone. This ranges from earning heavily by betting on odds on No Deposit Bonus, booking a ride, buying movie tickets, tracking your health, to even ordering your groceries.

Therefore, the chances are high that your phone is loaded with sensitive personal information that you need to protect. Yes, because your phone in the wrong hands (with criminal intentions) can get your world crashing down REALLY FAST.

The good news is you can avoid such a nightmare by taking proactive steps to raise the security of your smartphone. Care to know some easy ways to keep your phone safer in 2022?

Equip your smartphone with a VPN

Do you feel virtual private networks (VPNs) are just for nerds?. No, just everyone needs a VPN on their mobile device. 

Here is what you don’t know. Your internet connection is one of your most significant online vulnerabilities. Your emails, your lovely social media adventures, or just that supposedly harmless SMS are loopholes through which your phone can be compromised. 

With VPN encrypting your internet connection, your phone is decked with an extra layer of security. VPNs can mask critical details of your online identity preventing malicious actors from snooping on you when you browse.

By isolating your data through tunneling protocols, VPNs make it way harder for cyber vandals to eavesdrop on what you do online.  

Always ensure you leverage 2-factor authentication (2FA)

We can hear you sighing in exasperation already. You wonder why you have to go through the rigors of using 2FA when you already have a VPN on your phone. 

The truth is, you can never be too safe online. Hackers are a bunch of brilliant guys and are pretty excellent in breaking through your defenses. 

This is why adding an extra layer of security when available is always worth the labor. 

2FA is particularly important if you have an Android device. We highly advise that you have this for your online accounts, including your email accounts and social media accounts.

The way 2FA works, you need a secondary code sent via email or SMS before you can access an account. So let us say hackers have worked themselves off to get your password to your banking app.

Just when they were about excitedly logging in to make a killing, your 2FA requests them to type in the code they sent to your email. “Gosh!!!” they scream, heavily frustrated. 

Yes, they are not getting in!

Ensure you browse the internet in Incognito mode

There is no arguing that you have tens of browser options on your Android phone. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome.

Chromes comes with the unique advantage of a stylish browser interface, an extensive spectrum of extensions, broad customization options, and robust security infrastructure. 

In this case, we are particularly concerned about security. Being the native browser of your Android phone, Chrome is the most sophisticated to keep you safe online. 

Browsing in private mode (commonly known as incognito browsing) is one of the safest security tools Chrome offers. 

You can readily access incognito browsing by clicking on the three vertical dots (typically the menu icon) appearing on your toolbar. From there, the “New Incognito tab” option comes up. 

Chrome also warns you when you visit an unsecured website. When you get such a warning, it is best practice to quickly exit that website. This is because of the substantial risk of hackers compromising your device on that domain. 

Never download apps outside Google Play Store

 We have all been there. You browse a website, and an enticing game app dangles on your screen, urging you to download it have the fun of your life!

The reality is the internet is strewn with third-party apps. A significant bunch of these apps was strategically designed by cyber hoodlums to steal sensitive information from you.

Downloading such third-party apps is a red-carpet invitation for hackers to penetrate your phone’s security and independently install keyloggers to harvest your passwords.

Never download any app outside the Google Play Store. And even on that Play store, be diligent when downloading an app. 

Spare some time to do some investigation on the developers. Read through a packet of reviews to better scrutinize their credibility. 

Yes, even some of these shady apps manage to sneak their way into the Google Play Store.

While Google’s algorithms do a pretty nice job policing the Play Store and eradicating malicious apps, some innocent users may have downloaded it before the app’s harmfulness is discovered. 

So these are the steps you need to take to make your smartphone a digital fortress. Follow these instructions and enjoy that enviable peace of mind that comes with the confidence of being safe every second you are online!

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