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Test Feed Vertical Stories, Instagram Will Look Like TikTok

Feed Vertical Stories, Instagram Will Look Like TikTok

One of the social media used to share photos and videos has developed a new feature ‘Feed Vertical Stories’ on its stories display. The feature is rated almost similar to the one in the TikTok app. Social media in question is Instagram.

Instagram trials new feed stories similar to TikTok

Instagram is now trialing to turn a feature on a stories view or feed into a Vertical Stories Feed. The new feature makes Instagram similar to TikTok.

Previously, viewing stories on Instagram was done by being tapped and swiped horizontally. It was adopted from Snapchat. Horizontal gestures are a way for users to navigate most of the mobile web, as well as other key features across various social media apps.

The change in the appearance of stories vertically in Instragram will be an important change. These changes make the appearance of stories on Instagram more like the main feed in the stories view in Tik Tok.

In addition, the vertical display of stories on Instagram, users hope that Instagram prioritizes video posts over images in order to rival Tik Tok.

First known from a post on Twitter

Instagram stories

Please note that this vertical display of stories on Instagram was first discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi. He shared it via Twitter along with screenshots of his findings. In the screenshot evidence it is written:

“Now you can swipe up and down to explore the story”

Below the writing is a blue button with the label “Vertical Stories”.

Vertical Instagram Stories feature is still a prototype

instagram stories

Alessandro Paluzzi also posted that the new feature on Instagram is still a trial. It was also said by the party from Instagram. In an alert from (2/6/2021), a spokesperson from Instagram gave a statement regarding the new look feature on stories. He said that Vertical Stories is still being developed and has not been actively tested.

“The feature is still in the form of an early prototype and is not being tested on Instagram” an Instagram spokesperson said.

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If the form is still a prototype, it is possible that this feature will not be released publicly. However, the presence of a code indicates that Instagram is considering the idea of updating the new look in one of its flagship features in order to rival Tik Tok.

Keep in mind that recently Instagram also released new features by overhauling its design and algorithm to prioritize Reels that are also inspired by TikTok.

The new feature is placed in the Explore row section where users will be taken to a new interface where to swipe videos vertically. To be noted, Reels is only available in certain countries.

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