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Essential Web Design Trends To Watch

Essential Web Design Trends To Watch in 2017

There’s no clear-cut scientific formula to great design because it’s undoubtedly considered more of an art than a science. Strangely there are many recognizable patterns which seem to reappear time and again. These might be called popular design techniques but from an industry perspective many people refer to them as web design trends 2017.

This post delves into the most fascinating design trends gaining recognition by modern web designers. Although trends are often created by people who are willing to push boundaries, all trends have a direct effect on the design industry as a whole. New designers and developers can learn a lot by crafting websites around these trends – but no matter what your skill level there’s always something to learn by studying the most favored qualities of website layouts.

Ghost Buttons

One of the fastest growing trends in web design is the ghost button. This style follows in the footsteps of flat UI design where buttons use a single color background with a seemingly 2-dimensional appearance.

Feature List Icons

Startups, mobile apps, and creative agencies like to use graphics and blocks of text to outline their features. Most of the time you’ll find these features on the homepage in a list of pithy sentences coupled with small icons.

To my knowledge this trend has no official name but I’ve coined the moniker feature lists. These are text-based lists which often rely on icons to help describe the features being listed.

Galleries & Slideshows

Modern websites can run pristine dynamic galleries and media slideshows on any screen size. Mobile smartphone browsers have come a long way combined with responsive design techniques.

Dynamic Storytelling

Parallax design is most certainly a well-respected trend. Designers have fallen in love with parallax websites for the creativity and the beautiful presentation. Developers also love to release free parallax plugins which feed into a cycle of growth.

Fixed Sliding Navbar

Although fixed headers have been around for years the trend has recently advanced quite a bit. The vast majority of designers have taken a liking to fixed navigation bars which stay on top of the screen at all times.

Grid-Based Layouts

It’s tough to say exactly when the grid design style became popular but it is definitely a beloved choice by many designers. Grids have always played a role in web design but they haven’t always been clearly obvious in the final product.

Custom CSS3 Animation

Ever since the CSS3 specification was released developers have been hurling themselves onto the bandwagon of CSS animation. Web browsers are now more advanced to support CSS3 transitions and keyframes en masse. It’s only natural that as browser support increases there will be more developers getting their hands dirty.

Final Thoughts

Many new design trends continue to emerge with each passing year. I certainly hope the trends above can light a spark in designers both new and seasoned to the field. Web design is now more in demand than ever before, and a good designer should be able to deliver based on current trends and best practices. By studying what’s hip you’ll learn how to craft websites based on the needs of your clients and the needs of the design industry as a whole.

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