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New Features and State-of-the-art Android 12 Technology

New Features and The Most Advanced Android 12 Technology

It seems that Google will soon introduce its newest operating system for you, namely Android 12 which is ready to replace Android 11. The introduction of Android series 12 to the public will be done by Google I/O in May.

As if not wanting to be silent, many people are busy guessing and looking for leaks about how Android 12 will be. The leak has also been widely circulated in the virtual world related to the name of the series type and also the features that Google will provide on Android series 12.

XDA Developers has found the prefix “sc” on the source code of the Android 12 series that Google released late last year. the code is in the development branches section of Android series 12. So many suspect that the name for this Android series is named “Snow Cone”.

Even so, the code name is only for google internal mention because the snack name as android code name has ended in series 9 Pie. For the series after Android 9.0 Pie, Google simply named it after numbers like Android 10 and Android 11. Even so, Google still uses RVC code for Android 11 which means Red Velvet Cake.

The use of snack and dessert names has been done by Google since the third series of Android which is series 1.5. Even for the time being Google still continues to use these names sequentially according to Alphabet.

As you probably know, some of the names of desserts and snacks that were once the code names of Android. The third Android series as the beginning takes the third alphabet of the alphabet namely C with Cupcake, continuing to Donut, Eclair, Froyo, and so on.

Latest Features of Android 12

Latest Features of Android 12
Latest Features of Android 12

Many Android users are still waiting for the arrival of Android 12. Sure, with the latest version of Android, Google will give you some advantages and improvements from the previous version. Therefore, many of the People who make the Android system as a consideration in buying a mobile phone.

Do you feel your Android version is outdated enough and want to update it right away? Here are 3 main features on Android 12 that you can consider.

1. Auto-rotate

Previously many people complained that the auto-rotate of Android could not read the rotation well. Therefore, Google began to correct these shortcomings and improve the ability to detect rotations well.

The auto-rotate on previous versions of Android uses the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. The process of rotation detection through the merging of data from both sensors. Although the data that both sensors produce is not accurate enough, there are still many people who understand it.

But Google this time intends to increase its rotation by no longer using both sensors. Google plans to auto-rotate Android 12 relying on the user’s front camera to detect the use of rotation from its users.

Many consider the use of the camera to be more effective when compared to both the accelerometer sensor and the panel gyroscope.

2. Game Manager

Game Manager
Game Manager

This game mode feature will be present so that Android 12 users will not be inferenced by calls or other things that interfere with the convenience of playing the game. In addition, Game manager will also organize various things related to the game to improve the quality of game play.

Users can set the network they are using, the brightness level, to the sound. These features will activate automatically without having to run them manually again. So Game Manager will start doing its job when you start playing the game.

3. Colombus

This feature is planned to be present in Android 11, but it turns out that this Colombus feature will instead be present on Android 12. Colombus is a feature that allows users to turn on and off with just a tap on the rear body.

On Android 12 later, Google plans to still limit the capabilities of the Colombus feature. The feature can only take screenshots, pauses and resumes when playing videos, enables google assistant to open notifications.

This feature is very prone for you to use in your pocket because it is prone to friction, causing accidental taps. In anticipation of that, Google plans to implement special gestures that are useful for activating Colombus. So, if the user wants to use this feature, the user needs to register a gesture or gesture to activate the Colombus feature.

Even so, until now it is not certain that the appearance of this feature will be present for all phones or only limited to Google Pixels.

Android 12 Interface

Android 12 Interface

There are several design and color changes from the android interface of series 12. Leaks about the interface’s appearance are also spread on social media channels. From the leak, it appears that the user interface of Android 12 series has a simpler design and uses a solid color background. Android 12 InterfaceThere are some design and color changes from the look of the Android Interface series 12.

Leaks about the interface’s appearance are also spread on social media channels. From the leak, it appears that the user interface of Android 12 series has a simpler design and uses a solid color background.

In the leak also appears a new widget that can display messages between the sender and the recipient of the chat. You can also make the widget appear on the home screen. The area in the notification is also no longer transparent, Google gives the area a solid color.

Even so, the colors on some parts of the interface are not permanent colors that you can’t change at will. Changes can occur along with theme changes or changes to dark mode. Prepare yourself for the presence of the Android version of series 12 which is planned to be released at the end of this month for the beta version.

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