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Fun, Android Apps Can Run On Windows 11

Android Apps In Windows 11

One interesting feature of Windows 11 is that it can run Android apps without adding an emulator, aka native. Android apps can be downloaded through the Amazon Appstore which can be downloaded through the Windows Store integrated with Windows 11.

In addition, the Amazon Appstore can also be pinned on the taskbar like other Windows applications. To support these Androd applications Microsoft has worked closely with Intel on the use of Intel Bridge technology. Although actually the Andoid application is also a child running on ARM or AMD processor systems.

This new feature is Microsoft’s answer to the macOS ditur on Mac M1 that can operate iOS applications. In its product introduction, Microsoft demonstrated this latest Windows capability in running TikTok applications.

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In addition to TikTok, they also show off some other apps that are in the Windows Store, such as Yahoo, Uber, Ring and other apps. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what device I can support this feature. Because Microsoft itself is still working on the Intel Bridge technology needed to run Android applications on Windows 11.

“Intel considers it very important to deliver this capability across x86 platforms and design Intel Bridge technology to support all x86 platforms (including AMD platforms),” Intel’s Jubir said, as quoted by The Verge on Saturday (06/25/2021).

Later, Microsoft also supported Intel’s statement by saying that Windows 11 would support the use of Andoroid applications across all processor types. Including ARM.

According to Intel, Bridge technology is a run-time post compiler that can translate applications available for platforms other than x86. In this case Android, it becomes an x86 that can be recognized by AMD or Intel processors.

As for devices with ARM processors, translation is not required, so there is no need for Intel Bridge. But Microsoft has yet to explain more about this feature.

For information, even android applications can actually run on Windows,namely through emulator programs. Like Nox or Bluestacks. However, the application runs inside a virtual machine on top of Windows, not directly running inside Windows.

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