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Among Us, How to Play This Viral Game

Among Us

Who would have thought that a game that was originally rarely played by someone, is now on the rise and is in the middle of a lot of talk. The game, released in 2018, saw an increase in downloads in 2020 to 661 percent or arguably the equivalent of 18.4 million downloads as of August 2020. Even on September 4, 2020, it was known that the game had been played by 1.5 million players and was growing every day. The game in question is the game Among Us.

Among Us was trending on Twitter after being played by many famous Gaming Youtubers including Jess No Limit. In South Korea, the game became famous and was played mainly EXO-L as an EXO fan after one of the members of the EXO Boyband named Park Chanyeol was known to play the game.

The popularity of among us games finally makes many people curious, even in 2020 there will be Among Us 2. To that end, here’s a review of the Game Among Us and what the rules are like for how to play one of these viral games. Check out the review below!

Among Us is a video game developed by one of the American game developers called InnerSloth that was released on June 15, 2018. The game is set in space and has almost the same concept as WereWolf where there are two different roles in the game called Crewmate and Impostor. In addition, the characters in this game are so cute with colorful oval shapes complete with various accessories such as hats, shoes, and more.

Games Among Us

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Games Among Us

Among Us has a unique gameplay system where players have to work together and convince each other. This game is played about 5-10 players in each round with different venue settings. There are three game maps: the spacecraft (The Skeld), the headquarters building (Mira HQ), and the planetary base (Polus). Some players around 1-3 players will be randomized automatically to choose who will be the Impostor and the rest will be Crewmate.

Each Crewmate has a mission to repair and protect the aircraft from any damage caused by the Impostor. Here Crewmate acts as a player who is on the good side while the impostor acts as a traitor or destroyer. Therefore, Crewmate should always be wary of other players who could be an Impostor. In order to win this game, each Crewmate must be able to clean the plane from the existing Impostor, while from the impostor side must be able to kill and deceive the entire Crewmate in order to master the plane.

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At some point, both Crewmate and Impostor players can have a discussion aimed at falsely accusing players suspected of being Impostors by voting. The player who gets the most charges will be removed from the plane, be it a Crewmate or impostor. In this discussion it takes teamwork so as not to get it wrong. It could be that the Crewmates were wrongly chosen because an Impostor was clever in disguise and deceived Crewmate at all costs so that they would not be ejected on board.

How to Play Games Among Us

Game Among Us is arguably one of the games that is quite unique and easy to learn because it has a simple rule of play that is accusing and disguised. Here are some tips for playing Among Us games from the Impostor side:

1. Act as impostor

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Among Us Imposter

To win thegame, impostor must have the ability to act and ruse in order to trick crewmates. Here are the tips to play from the Impostor side:

A. Deceiving by accusing other players

Acting is one of the important things impostor players should have. In certain sessions there will be discussions where the session is used by Impostor to accuse other players for certain reasons such as convincing other players that there is one Crewmate who does not complete the mission. Or if you want to be safe, Impostor pretends to follow the advice of other players who feel suspicious.

Here, Impostor also performs a “Skip Vote” button to cast his vote as crewmate does so that other players will not be suspicious. When discussing, be active in making alibi because if the player tends to be silent it will be suspected and then kicked out of the game.

B. Try pretending to complete a mission

Both Crewmate and Impostor have the same number of missions. If Crewmate does actually complete the mission, it’s different what impostors do who instead pretend to complete the mission so as not to be suspected by the Crewmates. Impostor can visit the mission location without having to do anything so that it will be judged by other players that the player is a Crewmate even though he is an Impostor.

C. Take advantage of existing ventilation holes

in addition to acting, Impostor also has the ability to move through ventilation holes. It can certainly be used to hide so as not to be seen by other players. When a Crewmate approaches the location of an Impostor’s hideout, the Impostor can kill the Crewmate and then don’t forget to hide again or move elsewhere.

Keep in mind when going that way, make sure Crewmate comes alone with nothing else. If it is negligent, then the player will be stolen as an Impostor and the hiding place was previously known to one of the crewmates who was killed.

D. Choose the time to sabotage properly

Impostor can also sabotage machines where it is used to divert other players. When the Impostor has killed a Crewmate in a room, the Impostor can sabotage the machine in another room that is different from the room previously used to kill. It was done to keep the player away from the murder scene. In this game, although the impostor has been killed but can still help other impostors by carrying out a sabotage machine.

E. If you can, use the crowds

Generally after sabotage, all players will gather to a location where the machine is damaged so that it will cause a crowd. In this case, Impostor was able to take advantage of the crowd by killing one of the Crewmates. The crowd will certainly be difficult for other players to find out who is the real Impostor.

2. Act as Crewmate

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Among Us Crewmate

A Crewmate should always be vigilant and teamwork so as not to get it wrong in choosing. Here are some tips for playing Among Us games from the Crewmate side:

A. Try to complete missions quickly

Each player has a number of missions to complete. Similarly, the player acts as a Crewmate. As a Crewmate, try to quickly complete missions where each of them can be used as an alibi when the discussion session begins. A Crewmate can also check the identity of another player. When paying attention to other players on duty, pay attention to the green bar on the upper left side. If the state of the bar does not increase after the location is abandoned by the player, it could be that the player is an Impostor.

B. Avoid traveling alone

A Crewmate is strongly advised not to go alone. When traveling try with other players so that it can be used as an alibi when other players are suspicious. When carrying out this strategy, try to be more vigilant and make sure to select a player who is clearly a crewmate by looking at the view when performing missions.

C. Always pay attention to ventilation holes

This is done so that Crewmate can avoid assassination by Impostor suddenly because impostor himself has the ability to move through ventilation holes. When Crewmate finds an Impostor hiding in a ventilation hole, immediately report it to another player.

D. Use Admin Map and Security Camera as help

In the game there is an Admin Map and Security Camera that can be used as a help access to show the location of each player. It can be used by Crewmate to oversee the movement of other players suspected of being impostors. This was reported from KompasTekno, Thursday (1/10).

Game Among Us is available on Android, iOS, and PC platform systems. This game can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS, while to play it on PC can be obtained for Rp. 40,000 via Steam. Wait more, immediately play this game and enjoy the fun that is in the game Among Us.

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