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Google Launches Tree Canopy Lab Feature To Help Save the World

Google Launches Tree Canopy Lab Feature To Help Save the World

Who doesn’t know what Google is. Yes Google is an American multinational company engaged in internet services and products covering search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising. Since its inception, Google’s rapid growth has resulted in a wide range of products, acquisitions, and cooperation in Google’s core search engine field.

Google reportedly operates more than one million servers in several existing data centers around the world. Google is now used with business and community-related activities including web applications, advertising, and business solutions.

Reported from Google’s official blog, Thursday (19/11/2020), Google has now launched a new feature called Tree Canopy Lab by mapping where areas most need to be planted with trees. The launch is in support of climate resilience and efforts to keep the city cool. The idea of creating this feature from combining artificial technology intelligence with air quality status is used to see locations that can be planted by trees.

Google Tree Canopy Lab

The Tree Canopy Lab feature is designed to help people save the world from climate crisis. To run this feature creation project, Google cooperated with the Los Angeles government. With this Tree Canopy Lab, everyone can see the trees in the cities in a local context such as the percentage of the environment embedded in the tree, the population density of an area, which areas are prone to extreme weather, and others.

Before launching the feature, Google revealed that extreme temperatures are common in the world, especially in major cities where many buildings with infrastructure are causing temperatures to heat up faster. It certainly results in poor air quality, a lot of pollution, high dehydration and a wide range of health-related problems. The easiest way to solve the problem is to plant more trees in areas where there are rarely trees. Tree planting in the area is carried out in hopes of helping cities adapt to global warming and save the world from climate crisis.

The Tree Canopy Lab will then show the percentage of tree-planted areas, pollution density and areas that have the potential to be exposed to extreme weather. The data obtained is collected from aircraft during spring, autumn and summer.

The new feature will be helped by using aerial imagery and Google AI to find out the location of every tree in the city. This feature places information on interactive maps along with additional data about which neighborhoods are densely populated and more vulnerable with high temperatures.

Tree Canopy Lab is also assisted with Google AI itself functioning to scan images and detect trees. Google Earth, meanwhile, serves as analyzing the data collected in the three seasons.

Previously, the Tree Canopy Lab feature had been tested in Los Angeles. The experiment produced data showing 50% of Los Angeles residents living in sparsely planted areas had fewer than 10% of trees and about 44% lived in areas with potentially extreme weather. This suggests that parts of Los Angeles have the lowest risk of hot climates because they are rarely planted with trees.

For someone who works as a city planner, if interested in using the feature in the future can contact Google directly through the form released along with an announcement about the Tree Canopy Lab feature.

As Revealed by Nicole Lombardo, Partner Development Manager, Google Earth, Earth Engine & Outreach and Ruth Alcantara, Program manager, Research on Google’s official blog that “we from Google’s side will expand the Tree Canopy Lab to make it available to hundreds of cities in the coming year. We started in major cities like Los Angeles to start tree planting and maintenance initiatives.

Furthermore, they also revealed that “we invite city planners and governments as policymakers interested in using this feature to contact us via this form link”.

That’s the information about google’s new features that can help the city stay cool and comfortable. In addition, this feature can also be used to address the climate crisis. That’s because the feature called Tree Canopy Lab is related to tree planting done around the world, especially in major cities that have high levels of density and pollution.

However, the feature is still being tested in Los Angeles, USA. For in Indonesia itself, still do not know when the launch of this feature because there is not yet an official statement from Google, especially Google based in Indonesia.

May what is reviewed in this paper benefit you. Tree Canopy Lab is very useful for the world because it can prevent global warming. Happy reading.

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