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Google Photos Will Be Paid Next Year

Google Photos Will Be Paid Next Year

Google Photos offers unlimited photo storage for its users who want to store their photos and videos for free with high quality.

After its release on May 28, 2015, five years from now, Google decided to end its policy of providing free unlimited photo storage expected to begin mid-2021.

Google Photos itself is Google’s online photo storage and sharing service. Google announced to users that it will only provide 15GB of free storage space per user to upload original photos after June 1, 2021. This storage space is arguably about the same as that used by Gmail and Drive.

Reported by LoperOnline from Google’s official blog, Friday (13/11/2020) this will be officially done on June 1, 2021. This means that from that date all uploaded photos will be applied equally, be they original or high quality photos. Previously only original-quality photos not compressed or edited were counted in the storage space, while high-quality compressed uploaded photos were considered free.

While there will be changes in Google Photos storage, users don’t have to worry about their old photos stored in them. All photos, videos or documents that have been uploaded before June 1, 2021 will not be counted because they are already in the back-up so they are considered free and exempt from storage limits. All that counts is all photos, videos, or documents uploaded after that date.

In order for photos, videos, or documents uploaded before the 1st of JUni 2020 to be safe, the user must perform a backup. To set this up, users need to open Google Photos, select Settings and then select “Backup & Sync and turn it on. After that select backup mode and select high quality to backup photos with high resolution.

Google Photos
Google Photos
Backup Setting

The change does not apply to Pixel users where they can still upload high quality photos for free even if they do after June 1, 2021 and certainly without having to think about storage capacity limits.

In addition to making changes in storage capacity, It said Google will also implement a new policy regarding data deletion in inactive accounts or not being signed in for at least 2 consecutive years. That also applies to Google accounts connected to Both Gmail and Drive where if a user exceeds the storage limit for two years, Google removes content in both Gmail and Drive.

Before that, Google will provide notifications several times before deleting content such as photos, videos or documents that are considered expired. Therefore, users are expected to always check Gmail, Drive, Google Photos for these notifications.

In addition, Google will also implement Storage Management Tools in Google Photos which have a tool that makes it easy for users to find or delete unwanted photos.

Before this change will be made of course the user still has time to decide whether to continue using the Google Photos service or switch to another. According to Google itself with up to 15GB of storage it will not be full for at least 3 years of use. If the storage is close to the limit, there will be a notification from Google. When the free storage capacity of 15GB is full, then the user has the option to use another Google service namely Google One.

It’s not without reason that Google will enforce those changes on Google Photos. Google itself hopes that with this change at least more users will sign up for the Google One service if they still want to use the service from Google.

As reported from Google’s official blog, Friday (13/11/2020) that there are currently more than 4 trillion photos stored in Google Photos where every week there are 28 billion new photos and videos uploaded on the service. Since many rely on Google Photos to store photos, it’s very important to Google.

Therefore, Google not only offers good services but also continuously strives to meet the needs of users in the long run. That’s why Google is changing its unlimited policies on the storage of high-quality photos, videos and documents in Google Photos.

In addition, Google is making these changes aimed at offsetting growing storage demand. Arguably this is a big change and may surprise users. Therefore, with the writing on the official blog Google aims to provide information to users before the change is made. This change in storage capacity in Google Photos applies across all platforms whether it’s Android, iOS or Windows.

That’s new information about one of Google’s services for storing photos, videos and documents that will make changes to its storage. The service in question is Google Photos which will have unlimited free photo storage of only 15GB.

Hopefully what is reviewed in this article is useful for those of you who are Users of Google Photos so that you can find out the new policies Google has created regarding storage in the new Google Photos will take effect on June 1, 2021. Happy reading.

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