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Clubhouse Booming, Here Are Other Popular Audio-Based Apps

Popular Audio-Based Apps

Right now, the Clubhouse app is being talked about by a lot of people. This audio-based application is widely discussed after being used by the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. In fact, besides clubhouse, there are many audio-based applications that are no less popular, even those applications have been around for a long time.

However, the popularity of Clubhouse makes similar apps cautious so that they are vying to add interesting features so as not to lose users. So, what are some clubhouse apps that are no less popular? Curious? Let’s take a good look at the reviews below!

Twitter Audio Spaces

Twitter Audio Spaces
Audio Spaces feature photos on Twitter

Twitter developed a feature that is considered almost similar to the Clubhouse app Audio Spaces. In this feature is also a chat room where users will connect with each other via audio. The chat rooms in this feature also have hosts, speakers and listeners.

The popularity of the Clubhouse has made Twitter accelerate its feature development process. Recently, the Audio Spaces feature has been updated on the display of the number of speakers and listeners. The mechanism is true if Audio Spaces is very similar to the Clubhouse.

Twitter has been developing this feature for a long time, but it was only released in beta in December 2020 for a small percentage of iOS users. Reportedly, this feature will be officially released in 2021.


Discord app logo photo

Discord is a platform for a community of gamers to communicate with each other through voice calls, video calls, text messages, media, and files in a private chat room or part of a community called servers. However, since its release in 2015, Discord has been widely used by the cyber community.

In the Discord app, users can create separate chat rooms with topics they like just like in the Clubhouse app. Discord can operate on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux or web browsers. By 2020, the app’s users will reach 140 million.


Riffr app logo photo

Riffr is an audio-based application in the form of a micro-podcast. Within the app, users can create podcasts for a short duration and then upload them to the user’s feed. Usually the duration of podcasts from the Riffr app is about five seconds to 30 minutes. For topics, users can search for them themselves as they want to talk about. Now, Riffr is available on both iOS and Android.


Spoon app logo photo

Spoon is an app that provides social digital audio streaming services. The app was first released in South Korea in 2013. It can be said that Spoon was one of the first social radio mobile applications hosted by MYKOON.

This app allows users to create personalized broadcasts by sharing their favorite stories, ideas, music and more. Here will give you full control for those of you who want to share interesting experiences whenever you want.

Not only that, Spoon can also be used to stream other users’ content or communicate with other users through audio.

Well, out of the four apps above, which apps have you tried?

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